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Moscow, Sept 2004 - part II - fantastic views from Hotel Ukraina

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This is the second thread with pics from my trip to Moscow. I will concentrate here on the beautiful views from Hotel Ukraina, where I stayed.

The first part can be found here: Moscow, Sept 2004 - from the air + airport-hotel route

This is the hotel. It's my favorite Stalin highrise.

You can see where my room was located :banana: Up there I felt like in paradise :)

My room

The view from it rocks ;)

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I have nothing to add, but I just have to join the choir. ;)

You were damn lucky to have such a view from your room. If I were you, maybe I wouldn't had slept at all, millions lights of Moscow are definitely a breathtaking view from Hotel Ukraina's 28th floor. You have verified your amazing view with talent and skill, these photos reflect your experience. Especially those sunrise and night shots are something really awesome, I just can't stop scrolliong them! :)
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