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Moscow: Zyablikovo, Brateevo, Mar'ino

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Zyablikovo is a usual Soviet commieblockish district built somewhere in 1970-1980, Brateevo was built in 1980-1990. Mar'ino is another commieblockish district built in 1990's.

1. Coming out of metro station (Krasnogvardeiskaya, ZL-2). Looking towards of 5396th street.

2. Musa Dzhalil street.



5. Looking back towards metro and Southern Orekhovo-Borisovo

6. Inside of microdistricts at Musa Dzhalil st.



9. Musa Dzhalil st. looking towards of Mar'ino


11. 22-story typical commieblock

12. Views from 22nd floor. Moscow south-east - east.

13. Construction site of Shipilovskaya metro station (LDL - 10). Construction will begin at the end of this year. Station is planned to open in December 2010.




17. View towards of west. South and South-west of Moscow. Avenue, 77 project.

18. Ostankino Tower, some 23.7 km away. Just 360mm.

19. IBC at the background at 360mm. 19 km. Mar'insky park in front.

20. Streetlife at Musa Dzhalil st.

21. 180 deg pano from 22nd floor. I was a bit lazy to remove those wires.
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22. 10th microdistrict of Orekhovo-Borisovo, Zyablikovo

23. Coming down. Retro car.

24. Looking back at commieblock.

25. Another highrise commieblock.

26. Musa Dzhalil st. looking towards of Mar'ino.

27. Side views.





32. Orekhoviy side-street.

33. Crossing of Musa Dzhalil street with Orekhoviy and Zadonskiy sidestreets.

34. Going down by Musa Dzhalil street.

35. Some trade centers.



38. 5302nd street. Looking towards of Brateevo district.


40. Place of future metro entrance. Borisovo station (LDL - 10). Will be opened in December 2010.

41. New park and 1st microdistrict of Brateevo.

42. Looking back at Zyablikovo district.



45. Brateevsky sidestreet.

46. Northern Orekhovo-Borisovo.

47. A church (1710) in a former town of Borisovo (1589-1982).

48. Inside of 1st Microdistrict of Brateevo.


50. Looking back at Zyablikovo again.

51. Autoschool just on a side of cemetery.

52. Tulips at the cemetery entrance.
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54. Borisovskie Prudy st. In few years will be converted into city motorway.

55. 5396th street looking from bridge.

56. A new cascade park.

57. Moskva-river.

58. Brateevsky bridge.

59. Mar'insky park.


61. Metro construction site.

62. Looking at Mar'ino from bridge.

63. Bridge in details.

64. Looks like this place has something to do with dogs.






70. Mar'ino.


72. A bit more of metro construction site.



75. Coming down from bridge


77. Cathedral.
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massive!!! Moscow looks (and is) huuuge.
there are many very good pics. we want more.
Interesting that thread! I had no idea of how Moscow! I found the gardens beautiful and well maintained, only found the majority of very old buildings, needed a revival.
It looks amazing, i must visit the city one day :)
interesting... though its still a very unsightly neighbourhood
Nice :eek:kay: It looks kind of gritty so I wanted to ask if it's the south-east of Moscow, the only part of Moscow which seems neglected and it seems that this is is SE Moscow indeed.
Eventhough the housing buildings are not nice and old but they were orderly built , and the streets are wide and in good condition ,also quite clean , so to say It's an neglected part for a City this huge is not really bad .I can't imagine how much money they would have to spend to give these neighbourhoods a face lift , billions maybe ? The Russian people deserve that
The called "commie blocks" are not so bad as people thinks. OK! the architecture of the buildings is not the best we can get, but the surrounding area is nice, with green parks, playgrounds, a lot of space...

What I don´t like and not stays very good, is when the buildings are to high...
^^ Those building probably were built during the Soviet time I am sure they were not so bad to live in( still a lot better to the slums from India or Brazil ....)but It always give you the impression of cages when looking at them so identical in rows ,one after another none stop and now alot of them are in really bad condition , if Russia really departs from the burden of communism they should make these neightbourhood with the same orderly manner ,but with a more free style highrise appartments and for a big City like Moscow It seems like you have no choice but to live in highrise buildings , because that's what all the big Cities around the World do , there is simply not enough land for every one to build a home in a City if you still want parks and trees and wide streets
It's so massive that the uglyness is covered. Or something like that. I don't know why, but it has something special.
I wouldn't say this is a decrepit neighborhood. Some of the buildings do look worn, but many of them do not. And the apartments are all very nice on the inside, I'm sure. The main problem is the facade management. Moscow is a rich city and the buildings will be renovated soon enough.

The main problem with this neighborhood is that it is remote and does not have subway access. When the subway opens there (at the earliest 5 years from now) real estate prices will increase and this will likely lead to even more investment and upkeep of the residential infrastructure.

The important thing to note here is what the people are doing - typical things that people do outside - pushing the baby carriage, walking their dogs, driving their cars, going shopping. This is just a typical middle-class neighborhood in southeast Moscow.

Housing on this scale doesn't work in the US and people who live in such complexes in American cities tend to be welfare recipients and drug addicts. In Russia the projects do not automatically become ghettoes like they did in Chicago. There's a different mindset and more community feelings. The result is that neighborhoods like this (and this is one of the most densely populated parts of the city) grow and prosper.
^^ I have just taken a closer look at the fotos above again , you maybe right in some aspects , but then again there are still many , many things to improve , off course,you can't do all at the same time , but since there is a plan to make up for all lost time , hopefully Moscow will be nice and shines again , I don't know why I am saying this (?) I don't even live there :lol::lol:maybe I just find Moscow is a fascinating City... so Ugly and Beautiful at the same time
Moskow is like...BIG, by european standards I mean and by shear size of the commie blocks! We have coomie flats in Bucharest, but in Moscow (and in Russia in general) they've been taken to another level!

Great shots!
Nice pictures. I've seen Moscow on TV here a couple times recently, and am now interested in seeing some of the historic neighborhoods. These neighborhoods obviously aren't exactly what I'm looking for, and I do not like commie blocks at all, but I enjoyed the pictures. The churches look nice.
Nice, interesting photos from those areas of Moscow
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