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Moshi|Kilimanjaro Commercial Complex - NSSF|10 floors|COMPLETED

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Will this be the tallest building in Moshi?

Can someone post renders:)

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:^^ wow, looks massive :banana:
yes it is...apparently it will be the tallest in Moshi:cheers:
Any renders??
the other one is being constructed by the Chinese
Wow very massive,
KNCU set to rejuvenate coffee farms

By In2EastAfrica

Maynard Swai

Out of the 86 million coffee trees cultivated by small-holder farmers in Siha, Hai, Moshi and Rombo districts in Kilimanjaro region, only 20 million are currently productive. Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union (KNCU) Board Chairman, Mr Maynard Swai has mentioned a number of measures to arrest the situation.

The KNCU has deliberately set up coffee tree nurseries of the improved varieties that have been developed by Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) and distribute coffee seedlings, for free, to coffee farmers to rejuvenate their coffee farms. Mr Swai revealed in a press statement that so far KNCU has distributed 265,000 seedlings and that it has projected by the end of this year it will have distributed some 615,000 seedlings to farmers who are members of the 66 Rural Primary Cooperative Societies under the union in the four districts.

“You cannot disassociate KNCU with coffee production process and therefore the union is duty-bound to assist coffee growers in the production line by way of improving quality and bumper coffee output through sustainable extension services and educate them on new innovations in the coffee industry,” he observed. KNCU has already established huge coffee nurseries at Gararagua Farm in Siha district capable of producing 30,000 coffee seedlings and Mbosho Central Nursery in Hai district to raise 100,000 seedlings.

According to Mr Swai, KDC and Rauya nurseries based in Moshi district will produce 100,000 and 20,000 seedlings respectively, while Ushiri nursery in Rombo district was being assisted by TaCRI to raise coffee seedlings. Meanwhile, KNCU will this year spend 18bn/- to construct two six- storey buildings and a nine-storey structure at different sites in Moshi municipality to widen its sources of income and meet its core obligation of serving its 75,000 coffee farmers located in the four coffee growing districts in the region.
In another development, coffee farmers in the four districts will receive 4.5bn/- in first payment after disposing in the Moshi Coffee Auction 1,140,389 kilogrammes of clean coffee which was 51 per cent more than the two million kilograms that was earlier projected.

By PETER TEMBA, Tanzania Daily News

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Can someone post renders for these two projects in Moshi town that the KNCU has been talking about for so long?
Thank you must :cheers::)
the building looks massive! kitabadili mazingira angalau Mo-town ijishikize na Arusha kwa mbaali! :banana:
I was there in may this year and it was at ground well laying the foundation. And then this is taken in dec. These guys are fast
wow! I didn't see will look better than render...halafu barabara za Moshi safi.
Very nice!
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tanzan, how are things going?
nssf Kilimanjaro commercial complex

Can some one post the new status of this building how it looks like now.
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