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Hajjah Fatimah Mosque

Hajjah Fatimah mosque was built in the 1840s by a wealthy buisinesswoman, in gratitude for several perilous escapes from danger. She married a Bugis Prince from the Celebes, the son of the Raja of those countries. Besides that, she also carried on a large trade, owning many vessles and prows. It was only after her death that the buisiness came to be called after her son-in-law, Syed Ahmed. Raja Siti, her only child, married Syed Ahmed Alsagoff, an Arab Trader who came to Singapore after it was established as a British trading settlement. Mother, Daughter and Son in law are all buried in a private enclosure in the mosque grounds.

the minaret supposedly tilts by 6 degrees! according to some website... the minaret looks like something you find in a church.. it doesnt look like it's tilting though maybe its been corrected.

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