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Sultan Mosque

pics by hyacinthus

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At Beach Road ,opposite the St. John Headquaters.I always pass by that mosque and never fail to stare at it whenever I go pass it.
There's a small cemetery behind it.
Strange building: Keramat Habib Noh

Keramat Habib Noh is located at the southern end of the CBD.

The odd thing is, if you look at the map, the ECP seems to avoid the building.

Quoted from SFOGS website:

"During World War 2, bombs mercilessly destroyed the surrounding vicinity as well as the burial ground at Mount Palmer but Keramat Habib Noh remained miraculously untouched! Due to its historical value and wakaf land status, Keramat Habib Noh now stands as a symbolic monument and no form of excavation is literally allowed, or bad luck would befall. Allegedly, it is believed that the original structure design of the East Coast Park expressway (ECP) cuts through the mausoleum but construction works failed mysteriously. If you were to take a closer look today, you will find that the ECP actually bends around Keramat Habib Noh, suggesting that this famous rumour could be true afterall. Drivers who believe in the story never fail to say a prayer for Habib Noh each time they drive by the bend."

What's your take on this?

People say it's very holy.

I think this structure is 'new' built over the grave.There's a pic on A2O dated 1970s which shows it u/c.
There's a very small Chinese temple near it.A miracle it is still there, as it isn't conserved.

There's a little mosque 'hidden' off Mount Pleasant, at Jalan Mashhor that is built in 1820!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The name is Masjid Omar Salmah. :eek2:

Can someone check it out?
No....Surely not... ;)

There's a small Chinese temple near URA Centre that was also built in the 1820s

But it said it was renonvated or something...Can't remember...I can't find the URA brouchure about Chinatown.
I was at Mount Pleasant, when my father wanted to take a look at more bungalows, we ended up driving to the road, only to see the Circle Line site (another suprise) off Jalan Mashhor. Thinking that the road was blocked, we went back. So at home, I searched the street directory, and found a mosque there. Upon googling, I found its info.
Eh?! :eek:
Environ has one too?

But some are merely suraus instead of real mosques... :yes:
Oh, that's a Keramat. I forgot the name.......

Urban legend has it that the ECP avoided it...
It's Keramat Habib Noh... :yes:
A keramat is like a shrine or monument built over a grave.
I think it has Art Deco elements?
Ya, built in 1930s.
Oh nvm.... :D :lol:

Oh this?

It looks so surreal... :cool:
The Wang Hai Do Bo Gong Temple beside it is the oldest temple here.

Wang Hai means 'looking over the sea' or 'seaview'. Da Bo Gong is the name of the diety housed.

Habib Noh, passed away in 1866:
1 - 16 of 21 Posts
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