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Sultan Mosque

pics by hyacinthus

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yes it is!!!'s amazing hw u can guess tht one just by looking at the interior...i had to look at the file name to confirm...:doh:
Discover this underground mosque in Raffles Place....:yes:

yes, its one of those hidden mosques in office buildings, another one is hidden at the top of the lift core in Environment Building
Eh?! :eek:
Environ has one too?

But some are merely suraus instead of real mosques... :yes:
where is that? What's the name of the mosque? how old is it?
err...I think there's some discussion on it somewhere earlier in the thread or in some other thread. It's at Palmer Road. Forgot the name heh.
Vanquish said:
where is that? What's the name of the mosque? how old is it?
Oh, that's a Keramat. I forgot the name.......

Urban legend has it that the ECP avoided it...
What is a keramat?

anyway that building looks very special, and the grounds look well-kept.

How do you get up there anyway?
I am interested to know too.

From the web - The Malay term ‘keramat’ originated from the Arabic ‘karamah’ which refers to a close friend of god, a pious person or blessed. A keramat is hence a shrine built over the grave of such a well-respected person.

An informal definition from a malay friend - a burial place for a holy person.
RafflesCity said:
What is a keramat?
It's Keramat Habib Noh... :yes:
A keramat is like a shrine or monument built over a grave.
23 Apr 2005
Hajjah Fatimah Mosque

a very special looking mosque

heard that the spire is a bit slanted :eek:
I didn't notice... you have a picture of that slanted spire?
some info from the web!
Hajjah Fatimah was a wealthy businesswoman from Malacca and something of a local socialite. She married a Bugis prince from Celebes, and their only child, a daughter, married Syed Ahmed Alsagoff, son of Arab trader and philanthropist Syed Abdul Rahman Alsagoff. Hajjah Fatimah had originally built a home on this site, but after it had been robbed a couple of times and later set fire to, she decided to build a mosque here and moved to another home.
Inside the high walls of the compound are the prayer hall, an ablution area, gardens and mausoleums, and a few other buildings. You can walk around the main prayer halls to the garden cemeteries, where flat square headstones mark the graves of women and round ones mark the graves of men. Hajjah Fatimah is buried in a private room to the side of the main prayer hall, along with her daughter and son-in-law.

The minaret tower in the front was designed by an unknown European architect and could be a copy of the original spire of St. Andrew's Cathedral. The tower leans a little, a fact that's much more noticeable from the inside. On the outside of the tower is a bleeding heart -- an unexpected place to find such a downright Christian symbol. It's a great example of what makes this mosque so charming -- all the combined influences of Moorish, Chinese, and European architectural styles.
interesting find. She is actually buried in the mosque...

Thanks Xpose. :) mentioned it before, and I noticed the slant when I was there myself...but dont have a picture that captures it. Will post some interior shots later.

meanwhile heres some info

hyacinthus said:
I didn't notice... you have a picture of that slanted spire?
As mentioned, some interior shots.

A look at ground level

The main entrance gate

Clocks, the big one on the left shows Singapore-time, the one on the right shows Mecca-time.
Outside the prayer hall

21 - 40 of 92 Posts
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