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What do you think are the most congested roads in your city?
In Brisbane, I'd certainly nominate the Gateway and Coro Dve. But the Gateway causes more problems IMO. During the last week, the bridge has caused traffic jams from Eight Mile Plains all along the Gateway, and traffic from the toll booths all back along Wynnum Road to the Story Bridge and Shaftson Ave (which is bad enough because of the NSBT project construction).
The Ipswich Mwy is a shocker too, an alternative route (not upgraded mwy) is needed so when one gets clogged, the traffic can use the other (and construction won't effect the existing road). :bash:
So what are your top 5?

1) Gateway
2) Coronation Dve
3) Ipswich Mwy
4) & 5) are too hard to pick for... too many candidates!

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The Reservior Interchange in the suburb of Reservior in Northern Melbourne.

I have waited 14 minutes at a Red light. Makes me sick. Average wait 9 Minutes, especially if there is a train.

Sydney: World's best city
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Some of Sydney's most congested roads include:

Parramatta Rd (particularly at Granville, Burwood & Taverners Hill, Petersham)
M5 East
The Grand Parade/General Holmes Drive
Military Rd
Warringah Freeway
Pennant Hills Road
Hume Highway (Raby to Ingleburn)
Victoria Rd
City West Link
Oxford St
King St, Newtown
Windsor Rd
Centenary Drive
Silverwater Rd
M4 Motorway

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Did someone say congestion? :)

M2 westbound from Lane Cove Rd before the third lane was opened.

Lane Cove Road southbound from Talavera Rd, North Ryde.

Fucktards queuing across the Epping Rd/Lane Cove Rd junction. I wish this was a level crossing with a driver-less freight trainc oming at 100km/h!

Lane Cove Rd looking north to Epping Rd.

Epping Rd westbound at Wicks Rd in 2003.

Dehli Rd eastbound through North Ryde in 2003, during construction of the 2nd westbound lane.

But wait, there's more...

Pacific Highway at Ryde Rd in the morning peak:

Pacific Highway at Ryde Rd in the afternoon peak:

Warringah Fwy northbound from High St, evening peak:

Bradfield Hwy southbound from High St, evening peak:

Victoria Rd westbound towards Gladesville Bridge, evening peak:

Victoria Rd westbound, West Ryde, morning peak:

Parramatta Rd westbound at Auburn, middle of the day thanks to Clyde level crossing:

Warringah Freeway again, this time at Miller St, morning peak:

Oh, and I took all the photos!

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Definitely both Cleveland St in Surry Hills/Redfern & King St, Newtown in Sydney.

Both are doing the job of a highway and Cleveland is considered a major arterial road. lol

Cleveland in Surry Hills in the arvo peak hours.

King in Newtown, once again in the peak hours...

Courtesy of wrumsby @

Also in the evenings when people are out or coming home. The traffic in both directions would be backed-up a block or 2 easily:


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every evening when I pass over the Monash carpark on the train, the traffc is literally standing still.
On the city end of the Monash Freeway is a set of tunnels, linking it with the Westgate and Tullamarine Freeways. As you mention, traffic is at a standstill (mainly because a lot of people are getting off just before or just after the tunnels).

On the city end of the Eastern Freeway, you propose (demand?) a set of tunnels, linking it with the Tullamarine Freeway. How will this tunnel be any different when it comes to relieving congestion?
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