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Most favorite movies set in Washington DC?

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What are your top 10 favorite movies set in Washington DC? Here's my list

1. Mr Smith Goes to Washington -Jimmy Stewart as an idealistic young senator refuses to play the Washington DC game

2. The American President -Michael Douglas as a dashing Democrat President falls in love with a beautiful lobbyist

3. True Lies -AH-NOLD!

4. The Replacements -Shane Falco, the greatest Washington DC quarterback ever! And the cheerleaders are strippers!

5. Born Yesterday -Judy Holliday's not so dumb blonde gets educated in Washigton DC politics by William Holden

6. No Way Out -Kevin Coster is a Russian spy working at the Pentagon is accused of murdering the secretary of defense's mistress

7. Dave -Prince and the Pauper story where the Prince is the President of the United States

8. Independence Day -Bill Pullman as a President thet kicks alien ass!

9. Murder at 1600 -Wesley Snipes is a DC homicide cop assigned to a case of murder at the White House

10. DC Cab -Mr. T and Gary Busey and DC cab drivers, what more do you need??
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Burn After Reading had some great scenes out & about in DC. It's the first movie I ever saw on a high definition television using a blu-ray disk. The picture quality & color vibrancy made the DC setting even more incredible.
A couple of good ones I forgot to mention:

"A Few Good Men" - Tom Cruise is a JAG lawyer who defends a couple of jarheads accused of murdering a fellow Marine

"All the President's Men" -Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein uncover a White House republican coverup
Not a classic, but I love "State of Play." It's a great movie.
Hmmm, gotta check those out...What else?
Hmmm, gotta check those out...What else?
The Man with One Red Shoe from about 1985 or so.
How has nobody mentioned the National Treasure movies? Obviously, the first one was the best, but come on! Car chases near the Capitol, stealing the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives, etc!
No Way Out and Wedding Singers. :lol:
"Enemy of The State" was pretty good, although a lot of that was also set in Baltimore. In fact, probably the best skyline shots of Baltimore I have seen in any movie.

"The Replacements" used M&T Bank Stadium as it's main location.
Oh also the latest Night at the Museum movie, the one at the Smithsonian, I loved that movie!
The Replacements is my favorite, cause it was 'set' in DC but filmed entirely in Baltimore.

Die Hards II and IV were set in DC, but mostly filmed elsewhere.
In the Line of Fire and The Exorcist are probably my two faves.
The original "Day The Earth Stood Still" and that flick from the 50's where a flying saucer crashes into the Capitol Rotunda after some guy aims a sound ray at it. They're right up there with Mars Attacks.
i liked "enemy of the state"
What about TV shows? Some of my favorite TV shows set in Washington DC are "24" (season 6), "Hawk", "The District", "The X Files", "Bones", and of course "The West Wing"
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