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Most Manhattan/NYC style buildings in Sydney?

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What in your opinion are the most Manhattan / NYC style buildings in Sydney? I'm not talking about contemporary modernist architecture but rather old heritage buildings, they can be ones that have been demolished also.
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sydney has many nyc style buildings
i look as them as mini manhattan bldgs. we all know there not as tall blah blah blah
but the designs are there.

magic 30s
CML 1936

Grace bldg 1930

no doubt buildings like AWA 1939

Delfin House 1942

charles plaza 1938

some demolished nyc style scrapers

Rural bank from 1936

T&G of 1930
^yes you can thanks architects HENNESY AND HENNESY for all the Colonial Mutual life bldgs in Australian cities in 1930s.
most were among the tallest for the persepctive city.
very had gothic details with central tower

adelaides CML before its extension. /almost identical to brissys

after its widening

perths CML bldg from 1936
durban SA even got hennesy to design one
200ft high
Charles plaza 1936
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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