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It depends what you consider 'New York'. I mean a lot of NYC's classical architecture was influenced largely by Europe, particularly the Gothic Revival. It's simply inaccurate to say that Melbourne is more 'grand' in terms of older architecture, as Sydney pushes above its weight. It is home to a number of beautiful old buildings.

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney by kevgibbo, on Flickr

Louie Vuitton building, CBD

St Mary's rink by peter hindmarsh, on Flickr

Older Sydney Architecture.jpg by djsametz1, on Flickr

Old Sydney Building: York Street by Craig Jewell Photography, on Flickr

Architecture in Sydney, Australia by ACM83, on Flickr

central_12 by roxstyle, on Flickr

FH030011_2 by hiromori, on Flickr
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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