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Most Manhattan/NYC style buildings in Sydney?

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What in your opinion are the most Manhattan / NYC style buildings in Sydney? I'm not talking about contemporary modernist architecture but rather old heritage buildings, they can be ones that have been demolished also.
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Re' the great picture above of the State Savings Bank building in Martin Place. A few interesting (but useless) pieces of information about this great building:

1) The pillars on the Martin Place facade have a strong room inside them on each floor above the second floor. Very good for keeping things cool.

2) When the door for the strongroom in the basement arrived in Sydney traffic had to be stopped so that the enormous box it came in could be transported from the wharf to the bank by a great number of horses.

3) The Commonwealth Bank maintained a small shooting range in a building on the roof level.

4) The toilets on the upper floors are about as grand an example of art deco terrazo as one can find in Sydney; really over the top.
I seem to recall that the Rural bank building was demolished after a great deal of public outrage and that one of the lovely Whitlams was the main mover in it's demolition. Must have been in one of the rare moments when he was not busy sucking on the public tit.
some demolished nyc style scrapers

Rural bank from 1936

T&G of 1930
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