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Most Manhattan/NYC style buildings in Sydney?

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What in your opinion are the most Manhattan / NYC style buildings in Sydney? I'm not talking about contemporary modernist architecture but rather old heritage buildings, they can be ones that have been demolished also.
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The lack of Georgian and neo-Gothic architecture in Sydney is depressing. I think the only city in our country with a good selection of beautiful historical Gothic buildings is Melbourne.
^^ Yes, but most of that Georgian in NSW is "restrained Georgian", and not even true Georgian architecture in the sense of the word.
Does the Burns Philp Building in Bridge Street count?

Burns Philp Building by Merryjack, on Flickr

Yeah, those palm trees would look a bit out of place in New York City :lol: Still, beautiful building
That is a million times more far-fetched than anything I have ever said on here. Period. :bash:
The great majority of buildings in New York City are generally pretty ugly.
Which skyscraper did it stand in for? That's a gorgeous building, wish Sydney or Melbourne had something like it, because it's very tall for an older building. :cheers::cheers:
Don't really agree about the Anzac Arcade bldgs - they've always reminded me of Boer/South African colonial buildings. One building in Brisbane that I think looks *very* NYC (the only one) is the Manor Apartments. In fact, it stood in for a New York skyscraper in the 1996 film "Phantom" starring Billy Zand and Catherine Zeta-Jones, which was largely filmed at Warner Bros Movieworld and in/around Brisbane.

Of course I have and I know this well enough to know that it isn't full of shit.
And I question whether you have ever even set foot in Manhattan...

New York isn't full of grand old buildings from yesteryear. There is plenty of 50s/60s/70s shit, housing commission towers and the likes... don't be a moron.
Sydney's Colonial Mutual Life doesn't look as NYC Gothic as Brisbane's Manor Apartments, which are so gorgeous.
Sydney's had more than one, this one in Martin Place.

Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Bg., 14 Martin place by sftrajan, on Flickr

And this one that was demolished.

Mutual Life Assurance Office by Powerhouse Museum Collection, on Flickr
I've been to Manhattan on more than one occasion and I just used street view. It only reaffirms what I'm saying in that majority of the buildings are gorgeous or nice, sorry.

The Manor would fit nicely in Sydney. Wish it was there.
What about NYC and London? Or are those comparisons superficial and slim too?
No, it certainly isn't, but a suspension bridge would still be awesome, and thanks to Hell Gate Bridge,we have an idea on what it could look like...

I really dont think Sydney is lacking in the cool Bridge department...
Because what I did wasn't even bad basically? The administrator reviewed it. It wasn't anything to do with the content of my posts.
The great majority of buildings in New York City are generally pretty ugly.
Still can't believe that was ever said...
The great majority of buildings in New York City are generally pretty ugly.
I don't fucking understand what the **** traveling has to do with what I just said. Yes, I've traveled. Get back to me when you're no longer a Queenslander!
I can't believe it's been a year since I said that, and yet you still go on with it. I probably shouldn't expect much more from some body that obsesses over trees.

Get back to me when you've traveled further than Collins Street.
:lol: I know Australia's natural environment will never be like North America. I'm okay with that, because it's beautiful here. But you need to cool it with the Albert Speer comparisons.
^^ now now, no need for expletives. There is some truth to his comment.

I mean you harp on about a dome for an antiquated building (vicinity of Collins St) like some Albert Speer fantasy and you do obsess about something that's never gonna happen...i.e. Australia's urban and natural environment being like North America's. Gelt real mobus. :|
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