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MOTOGP-2006 Istanbul Park

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pix from last weekend

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Fantastic! The track is great, as expected! I've noticed more greenery, and I heard that certain points were even resurfaced.

My only concern is attendance. When watching this on TV, there were hardly any spectators at the track apart from in the main stand!
Joya said:
Therefore I doubt the future of MotoGP in Istanbul
I thought the same.

Although having said that, the track itself is said to be one of the best circuits on the calendar for racing experience! So, with that in mind, maybe they'll leave it for a few more years. By which time I hope attendance will pick up in this 155,000 venue!

Come on guys, go to these races! :D
42.000 spectators in not bad for the start. :) Hopefully it will rise everyear.

It was a great race btw, 250cc race was also interesting, especially the last lap. :)
I suppose 42,000 is OK. Having seen the race on TV, I would have thought it was much less than that!

Next year, I want 75K+! :D
I think 42.000 a good number, more than any G.S-B.J.K match :D

hobestly advertisiment of the races were bad this year. Just few bilboards a few days before, no contect point around and as you know it was not a good season for Istanbullers, everyone is still tired and nobody likes to go out on weekends yet...
No... Just a decent adcertisment... Many Istanbuller still don't know where is this circuit and how to get there...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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