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Let's post every motorway/freeway- and expressway opening that happens in the world in this thread. But keep it simple, just basic information, no pictures please (you can see them in their respective threads).

So, yesterday (UTC) they opened the Polish A2 motorway between Nowy Tomyśl and the German border, as well as a motorway in Bosnia and Herzegovina/Republic of Srpska between Banja Luka and the Croatian border. :cheers:



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Openings to be reported in this thread;

* full standard motorways or local equivalent
* two-lane expressways that are part of the main network (i.e. droga ekspresowa, supercarreteras or Japanese two-lane expressways)
* second carriageway openings
* motorway-standard roads not part of the main network (i.e. Voie express, Gelbe Autobahn, Superstrada, etc.)

If you want to discuss opening events, click the multi-quote button next to the regular quote button and post it in the revelant thread.

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where: Republika Srpska
length: 26km
designation: E661


more infos and photos Serbian thread


where: Serbia
length: 38km
section: Vrbnica - Suva Reka
designation: E851

not precise

more infos and photos Serbian thread

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I changed the scope of this topic to the world to keep H & A from getting to euro-centric.

1 December 2011

2 kilometers of E20 fly-overs in Göteborg, Sweden.

29 November 2011:

37 kilometers of A1 in Algeria between Larbaâtache and Lakhdaria, east of Algiers.

28 November 2011:

5 kilometers of Vysočanská radiála in Prague, Czech Republic

28 November 2011:

8 kilometers of S11 west of Poznań, Poland

27 November 2011:

96 kilometers of the Southern Expressway, also known as E01 in Sri Lanka, the country's first limited-access highway.

EK5, CX134, NZ722, QF11
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A sprinkling of motorway information from Down Under:

Hume Hwy (A31) NSW, Tarcutta and Woomargama Bypasses opened during November 2011

Pacifc Hwy (A1) NSW Eungai-Fredrickton section, 26km duplication, to start 2012

Hunter Expressway NSW, Newcastle-Branxton, 40km new freeway, to open 2013

Brisbane Queensland, Mains/Kessels Rds, major suburban intersection upgrade to start Jan 2012 (not a freeway technically but near enough to Pacifc Mwy)

Sydenham Victoria, Calder Fwy (M79)/Kings Rd intersection upgrade to open before Christmas

Geelong Ring Road (M1 west) Victoria, Stage 4A, 2km new freeway, opening very soon

Goulburn Valley Fwy (M39) Victoria, Nagambie Bypass, 3 km northern section, opened 29 November, the main section of the bypass to open during 2012

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New section (7km) of the E78\SS223 (blue expressway) between Bagnaia and San Salvatore a Pilli, province of Siena, region Tuscany, part of the future Grosseto - Fano expressway.

First section (3km) of the Caltanissetta - Agrigento expressway (SS640), near favara, province of Agrigento.
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