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Moving to Chicago

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I'm planning on moving to Chicago this year and I wanna live in a pretty diverse place, racially that is, and a couple people told me Rogers Park was a good place. Others tell me Rogers Park is considered "the hood" though. I'm going to visit in June to get a feel of the city. Are there any places that are pretty diverse but aren't considered the hood?
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Rogers Park is definitely not "the hood," but there are some places where you have to be conscious about crime. I'd recommend it fairly highly. Other diverse areas would be Uptown, Albany Park, Edgewater...out of those neighborhoods I'm sure you'll find something you like.
Rogers Park is pretty nice and getting better.
i live in rogers park and it's definitely not the hood, but oshkeoto is right, some blocks are better than others in terms of thug presence. i've noticed that chicago neighborhoods seem to be much bigger than those in other cities. rogers park, for example, is 1.85 sq. miles with ~63,000 people, that's a pretty big area and it is not the same all the way through.

and yes, rogers park is very diverse, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city. here's the racial breakdown:

White - 31.8%
Black - 29.6%
Hispanic - 27.8%
Asian - 6.4%
Other - 4.4%
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people that think that rogers park is the hood are sheltered
and must live in the extremely gentrified mostly white areas
like around wrigley field,
these people are also usually bores,
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