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Moving to Macau / Emigrar para Macau

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I'm wanna know if Macau casino's is hiring any foreign workers. I'm chinese and i know the chinese languages. I also wanna know in Macau where do those ppl lives? How is life in Macau? Working in casinose is mostly speaking Chinese?
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some casinos requires a lot of foreign workers there, you can check out their websites.

most people in macau live in apartment blocks in Macau main island or taipa, there are some apartments for rental in macau for foreigners

people mostly speak chinese in the casino
so can anyone give any details of the apartments rents available? need to move over to macau few months time. But need some details of the apartments at an affordable price preferably in macau.
so can anyone give any details of the apartments rents available? need to move over to macau few months time. But need some details of the apartments at an affordable price preferably in macau.thx
Can i know wads the procedure of working in Macau ? Im from Malaysia but im considering a move to Macau. I want to know wad is the thing i need to have like Visa? How long is it for ? Can i work there permanently ? Can u tell me how ? THX
i mean the procecedure for going into work for few years ? can provide me the info for it ? if few years stay there need to do wat ? is there any thing i need to do to go over there permanently work and live ?
um, not too sure
maybe u can go to this website
and send them an email about ur request
Is there any cheap hostels for a single room? Or any sharing hostels ? i think they will put u in some type of single room ? where is those cheap sharing ?
If wan to living in macau for a month ?

do rent an apartment need downpayment as well ?

if no , how much is the rent per month for an apartment in the central area ?

other than this , is there any cheap hotels to live for long times ?
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i remember will be expensive in the central area for matter u live there for a day or a month..check out the hotel list of macau..its everywhere on the cheap do u really want.dont expect anything cheaper than 250 patacas..cheers
Below 300 patacacs per month is already consider cheap for me. Is there any hotels below that price ? not too dirty hotels ? i cant find coz not all cheap hotels got a webpages . if got webpages its not cheap
WHAT? 300 PATACACS per month? u must be CRAZY:)
hahahaa i mean day or 1000 patacas month
to be honest.there is no way to can find a place to stay for 33.333333333 bucks per day..i dunno what ur purpose is to stay there for a month..if u dun have enuff..try to stay for a shorter up the tourism office..they do have ALL the accomodation info u can consider...~u cant even find a place like 30 bucks a day in those big cities in China..then dun even think that u can do it in Macau..unless u might end up stayin at those dodgy places..which i dun think u want rite..~anyway..GOOD LUCK..this is what i can advice
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Can anybody give me some idea roughtly how much is needed for a 4 pple family in macau excluding rent? There's a chance to get a job offer from macau but I don't really know about the place. Judging by my brief web surfing, I can see macau has been growing at an incredible rate for the last couple years. As far as this living cost goes, some people say it's relatively cheap but I came across an article macau is one of the most expensive cities in Asia?? what's the truth? Can expats not make a comfortable living in macau any more? It looks that way cause I was very shocked to know how expensive those high rise new apts are.. Please... help anyone?? clear my confusion away?? Much thanks in advance.
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What is your wage? Where do you come from? What are you going to do at Macau?
I can only compare to US (where I am from) but Macau generally has lower costs in all areas except real estate, rent, electric, telephone and gas. Insurance, medical care, service labor are quite low. Food and dining out are about the same. Clothing is generally much less but sizes can be difficult to find. In Macau I send my child to a private school but in the US used the public school so this is an additional expense.
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Good day to all of you...

I'm a Chinese in Malaysia... I'm thinking to migrate... Macau is one of the place in my plan.

For ppl who born or stay in Macau, what do you think about migrant from other country?

I'm in IT line, currently work as a network engineer, as for my husband, he is a programmer. Do you think, Macau need IT ppl?

Appreciate if someone can guide us along. THANKS THANKS THANKS!
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