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This set of pics were taken from and around the Napoleon hill
of Ramat Gan, Israel.
note- I didn't comprehensively explore here the views from the hill
because i was a bit rush testing out my new Digital Rebel (XT)
so you can find here a sort of limited glance. i'll go up there some
clear day and make a more comprehensive set of pictures.

i got my new camera now and unfortunately, this time of the year
is the begining of the long israeli summer, what means very few
clear days, bright sunny burning hazy skies and very little clouds,
what means bright hazy pictures, but that's also pretty in its way..

Here's the Yarqon river

Here you can see the Diamond exchange district skyline above
the park, the whole area is a park of the Yarqon park system
which is a continued natural setting from the sea in Tel-Aviv all
the way along the river some 20km east to it's springs near Rosh-Ha'ayin

The pivko tower and the 'Tzameret' towers above the small forest

And now, from the hill, a small agriculture-educational site is right
below the hill, in the background is Tel-Aviv's north

Residaential buildings in Ramat Gan above the hill's landscape

This is the Ramat-Gan neighborhood right below the hill

rooftops in Ramat Gan

I like this one, with the path and the building-tops

B.S.R. towers

East Ramat Gan

The 'scopus hill' rising above the end of Rokach street

and finally a Panorama from the hill you might have seen in the other thread:

The next pics were taken at different hours from my house
windows, i tried capturing some night shots also with my new
350D, it got out amazingly clear at 30sec. exposures..

this two got to be my favorites from the window shots-

That's all for now, i still have quite a lot of pics i've been
organizing, next threads- Ctrl Ramat Gan's Streets, the
Kazolevsky hill & Rooftop views from a tall roof i found, stay
tuned, bye bye and Thanks to ImageShack for
Free Image Hosting
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