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Multi-Purpose Hall | Aurillac, France

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London architects Brisac Gonzalez have completed a multi-purpose hall at Aurillac in France.The space can be used for concerts, sports events, trade shows and theatrical productions.

Aurillac is at the edge of France’s Massif Central mountain region. The site is situated near the city’s main train station, an area that is under regeneration to provide a stronger link with the city’s historic centre.

The building is a new venue for theatre, concerts, fairs and sports events. It will contain retractable seating and demountable stage for versatility. The main space will be able to accommodate up to 4500 people during performances.

Three ribbons of concrete that vary in shape and texture define the building. Their juxtaposition delineates the different zones of the building: entry, storage and back of house facilities.

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likes simplicity, but not bit literally

imaginatve....? :lol:
é mesmo, Tony ! Super...!
A ribbon of precast concrete panels inlaid with glass blocks envelopes a new hall in the Auvergne region of central France. Essentially a black box, the 4,500-seat hall will be used for theatre, concerts, fairs and sports events. The ribbon of back-lit panels gives the building an identity and maintains a scale commensurate with its function.

Up to mid-height the hall has a structure of in-situ concrete walls which are exposed internally. Above this, a precast system of T-shaped columns at 11m centres and 250mm-thick reinforced concrete wall panels takes over.

Roof trusses spanning the full 40m width of the hall span on to each column. The trusses sit on elastomeric pads to isolate them acoustically from the walls. The roof itself acts as an acoustic damper.

A standard insulated metal deck roof is raised off the purlins on brackets, with a second layer of mineral wool acoustic insulation beneath. The gap between the two is ventilated to prevent condensation and the junction with the walls is sealed.

Externally, the upper half of the building is clad in a 9m-high band of precast glass reinforced concrete panels set out in long curves. Each 50mm-thick panel is reinforced in two directions with stainless-steel rods to avoid future corrosion problems.The panels are inlaid with pyramidal glass blocks with a Fresnal lens surface which both reflects and refracts light.

The joints between the panels are sealed with rubber wiper seals to prevent light leakage. During the day the sun glints off the white concrete and outer faces of the blocks, while at night the facçades transform into shimmering curtains of coloured light.

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vamos Pikodermou......... no sea ud tan amarrete !


Intresting to see...the new french architecture....

simple..... but very cool idea.... 9,5
21 - 40 of 48 Posts
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