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Multiple pics at same instant ???

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One day I was looking in a book shop and broused at a souvineer Sydney pic book from the early '90's...discounted too!!! when I got to the centrespread you see here it was the QE2 setting sail from Circular looked very familiar to me so I bought the book and when I got home I went through heaps of photographs I had taken in Sydney back in that time....I found this pic I took from just beyond the Park Hyatt of the same day...yet on closer inspection....small boats locations...flags and even in my pics you can see clouds etc...they are exactly the same!!!! within a couple of seconds??? anyway I know there must have been lots of cameras snapping away it's just that from seeing pic in a book it triggered a familiar memory..but didn't realize till later how familiar...has this happenned to anyone else?
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Holy Crap! Virtually the only difference between the two pics is that the photographer in the book pic is somewhat taller! :)
Cool! Shame you can't see the second picture being taken in the first picture... :)
What the hell!

That's incredible. :lol: Thanks for posting. :)
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