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I heard on lateline business last night that Multiplex had accepted a take-over offer from Canadian Asset managers Brookfield. Has anyone read any on this in the papers? I remember a $4.5 billion figure being touted. Personally I'd have thought Multiplex would be worth more than that.

I also remember them saying that they wanted to keep the current management team and company structure.

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And then we have...

Leighton = majority German owned
Theiss = majority German owned
John Holland = majority German owned

Baulderstone Hornibrook = fully German owned
Abigroup = fully German owned

Depressing, no?

At least the current boom is allowing some mid size companies to develop a bit of size, hopefully they can step up in the future and carry the flag for Aussie construction!

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mid size companies seem to be flourishing

in Perth some of the biggest names out now are:
Saville- developers
Diploma- contractors (new to high-rise)
inbar- developers (mass produced apartments, mostly 10lv )

We still have heaps of multiplex sites though, most are in jv's though or their 'multiplex living' branch. Mirvac fii are also very big in perth atm

New comers to town, all from vic include

some others like grocon want to come over here too.

No shortage of Australian builders and developers.

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lol not likely but it would be nice if Australia actually owned something. we are becoming a vacuous country, whereby everything is in foreign ownership. We need money to come back here to grow the cities and country not, grow places like Toronto or some cowbow town like Calgary.

I guess the way Macquarie Bank is going it will oneday just buy a few foreign countries, so we shouldn't feel too bad just yet.
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