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Mumbai as you have never seen - pics from the India subforum collection

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Here is one of the best collections of Mumbai that we have seen in the Indian subforums Showcase Gallery.

All pictures are copyrighted and permissions have been granted by orignal photographers to post them in this forum. Please do not use them without their permission.

The first set is by Sunil. They are pictures taken from his apartment window in Cuffe Parade, South Mumbai.

Sunrise I

Sunrise II

Day I

Day II

Sunset I

Sunset II

Sunset III

Night I

Night II

No series on Mumbai is complete without the monsoons...

Monsoon clouds I

Monsoon clouds II

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The second set of pics is by Bhim Joshi.

It is mostly of north central Mumbai.

Hiranandani complex at night

Close up of Hiranandani at night

Powai Lake view at daybreak

Hiranandani complex at daybreak

Thane creek, maybe the express highway is visible as well. You can see the lights of Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) on the other side.

The bright lights in the center of the image are of the international airport

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I like the sunset and night pictures...those are really nice. Does Mumbai have a subway or monorail system or something of that sort?
The next picture is by Velacherry Balu.

Sunset at Mahim Bay - central Mumbai

And the very next set is courtesy of Sujal Shah. They are all of SOuth Central Mumbai.

Looking towards Walkeshwar/Malabar Hills

Looking towards Chowpatty - Shreepati Arcade - India's tallest residential tower is on the left

Shreepati Arcade and Shiv Tapi to it's left. The building to the right with the top floors slightly extended and a ship's chimney kind of top is probably Saarthi. ANd the red/white one is Dhawalgiri.

Shreepati and Rushabh

GE Royale

India's tallest buildings - the SD Twin Towers under construction

Two buildings which lost the "tallest residential building crown" in quick succession - Kalpataru Heights and Belvedere court. Also seen is India's tallest hotel - the ITC Sheraton - in a distance.

Sunset beyond the pencil thin Suraj building!

Another sunset pic

Another view

Yet another view

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S.Yorks Capital said:
For its size, Mumbai does'nt have a very impressive skyline.
It may not be impressive but it stretches at least 40 kilometers long if seen from the air. :)

One factor could be the lack of commercial highrises. They don't seem to build them more than 10-12 storey high. And the other factor could be the linear nature (that's how the island is) so it doesn't show depth.

And Mumbai Urban agglomeration (that is what people refer to when they speak of 18 million people) is simply too big to cover.

Here's a nice pic

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beautyfull, i like the spread out style indian cities have, i dont like it in other cities but in india looks cool.
S.Yorks Capital said:
For its size, Mumbai does'nt have a very impressive skyline.
Agree for now, but 2 yrs down the road, things will look very different. Actually the problem is accentuated by the fact that Mumbai doesn't have a single CBD. It has four of them! Another stupid civic law is that, commercial buildings can't exceed a certain height, whereas there's no restriction on apartment complexes. But I can attest that atleast 2 dozen 150 mts or nearabout tall buildings are under construction in the city. And only God knows how many 100 meter ones are under construction.

It's a large skyline, but not concentrated :( Not terribly tall either (Mumbai's tallest u/c is 60 storeys.) That should change in several years though. Hopefully sooner.
I couldn't find a large number of tall buildings in the pictures. Also, the quality of the buildings looks inferior (maybe because of the quality of pictures?). But I believe you Indian forumers that within a couple of years the situation will be improved! I read from the newspapers that Indian ecomony is growing fast!
that's nice, but for me it would be even more interesting to see some street-level shots of Mumbai.

A rough rule of thumb for the skyline shots, generally, the smaller the building is, the older and inferior its construction. Steel and glass hasn't really taken off yet (unlike SE Asia or China), and even the significant buildings that are built do not have much glass on them. The older (especially constructed before about 3 years ago) concrete facades don't weather too well to the monsoon lashing (literally), but the new concrete constructions stand up quite well. The downpours age an building's look on the outside much more than you'd suspect from an interior photo.

You can see the difference between older and newer concrete buildings in the following pic. The black/white GE Royale and the apartment building in the foreground (and several buildings in the back) are about a couple years old and have held up nicely. Older concrete buildings surrounding them look squalid in comparison, though they aren't:

A lot of the tacky low-rise constructions built between the 50s and 70s are rapidly giving away to new construction. And especially as the ugly, old mill land goes, you'll see a denser concentration of skyscrapers taking the place of those midrises in the next ten years.

However the SD towers is ground breaking in a number of ways apart from breaking the sacred 45 floor limit in height. It will be mainly s&g, and thanks to it, even the newer mega projects that we have renders for incorporate a heck of a lot more glass in the facade. So hopefully in a couple years when those are completed, and within the next year when more are announced, a properly 'modern' skyline will fill up.

Here are some more pics. Note the abandoned industrial chimney, mills and 50s-era run-down low-rise residential buildings in the first pic. These are the type of buildings that are being replaced by newer developments. As these types of areas are redeveloped, the skyline will begin to 'fill out', frankly, I'm hoping for this to happen as late as possible. Considering projects visibly increase in size, design and quality of construction every 6 months :lol:

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antonyj11 said:
I like the sunset and night pictures...those are really nice. Does Mumbai have a subway or monorail system or something of that sort?

Mumbai has a decent suburban rail network. The frequecny is as good as a metro rail network. And they are also planning a separate metro rail network for the city.
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Nice pics, Hidden Dragon! Did you take them yourself?

Thanks :)
Jai said:
Nice pics, Hidden Dragon! Did you take them yourself?

Thanks :)
You are welcome!

They were not taken by me, but by some tourists.
Nice point there Jai.
Most of the "run-down" look of the buildings is because the paint cannot withstand the rigours of the Indian monsoon. Mumbai monsoons are CRAZY! There is also another reason why the use of glass has not quite picked up yet in India - Heat. Glass holds heat in, making it more hotter and hence more uncomfortable for people, however now with ready availability of good airconditioning, things are changing!.
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