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Edit -- (Apr, 2010): This tower has been redesigned by Norman Foster. It will be over 125 fl tall / 550m in floor height / 725m at spire height

MUMBAI | India Tower | 725m | 125fls | U/C

Here is a rendering of the final design:

First post left below for posterity's sake

(second design below!)

Edit -- (May, 2008): This tower has been redesigned, though it will have the same roof height! The name of the tower has also been changed to "DB Tower"

Here is a rendering of the second design:

(original design / original post below)

With official word of this project just announced last week, the 85-storey Hyatt Park Tower, India's tallest under construction building officially broke ground.

Designed by Fox and Fowle (FXFOWLE) architects as part of three-hotel luxury project being developed by Neelkamal Realtors in conjunction with Hyatt hotels, Hyatt Park tower is located at Marine Lines, Mumbai, just north of the city's historical district. It marks the southernmost point of a major region of skyscraper development that currently stretches north to under construction Parel/Back Bay skyline.

A mixed-used development totalling 882,000 sq ft, Hyatt Park tower, in the architects' own words:
...centers on creating an iconic residential mixed-use building within India's emerging new economy.

The 85-storey tower is informed by distinctive indoor/outdoor environments and the desire to optimise the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The tower's rotated form emerges in response to the buildings functional requirements and its mixed-use program - which changes with each twist of the structure. This circulation pattern separates retail, 5-star hotel and serviced apartments and long lease duplex penthouse condominium apartments within a sustainable network of green roofs and hanging gardens; creating a singular, extraordinary building that, when completed, will be the tallest and greenest building in India.
Emails to the architect (thanks spyguy) reveals that the tower is currently under construction and will have a height of 301m. Whether this is roof height is not yet clear.

While currently rather seperated from the current skyscraper construction, it is located at the southern end of what will be a massive skyscraper-laden redevelopment region that will see a long skyline anchored in the north at Dharavi, west at Worli, in the middle at Parel, and in the south at Back Bay.

Though developers in Mumbai tend to be ultra-secretive about their projects until they have broken ground (it wasn't even known that this project even existed until a couple days ago when the Hyatt told the Economic Times newspaper about it), other developers have made known that they are planning skyscrapers at Marine Lines. Currently a 50-storey commercial skyscraper, and 2-3 other projects, including the possible supertall Mumbai International Finance Centre, are planned around the location where Park Hyatt tower is being built.

Here are some more renderings. I will update this first post as more renderings and information come out.

^ Looking South towards Historic mumbai. Looking North will be a view of the under construction skyline around Parel


Cov Boy
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Park Hyatt Tower (finally a super tall for Mumbai)!

I love it because it looks so disjointed!
This is a great development and might become a landmark building on Mumbai's skyline!
This tower looks great in Mumbai.
Finally a supertall in India.
I like it, it looks nice near that beach.
weird design.

I think is a interesting design not weird hence making it a instant landmark.

Also it will stand out when & if other towers are built around it.

The location to me suggests very near Chowpatty Beach/Marine Drive?

I been eagerly waiting for the arrival of a supertall in Mumbai as it deserves & suits to have the title of a supertall when other cities are proposing such tall buildings.

Mumbai is the Queen of highrises in India and may it continue to be! :cheers:

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wow.. this is heaps cool. just like mixing Sears Tower and CCTV HQ :) :D:D
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