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Cross Posting from the India-Section:


Old Design:

-commercial tower of 75 floors + 2 x 60 floor residential towers with 3 wings each

Location (view on google maps):

August 7 Update:
Excavation on Omkar's Worli project has begun. Stefon Constructions' website lists it as one of their projects.

"Omkar Realtors & Developers Worli, Mumbai. 2011-12"
Lates Pics site-pics, cross posted from the India section:

One Hole is ready for 1st tower and crane installed for it

upload pic

Another view,the grey structure behind the barricade is the site office

Uploaded with

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damn they look amazing, too bad they aren't taller. :drool: this design kinda reminds me of Morpheus from classic UT, so i think these would look perfect twice or triple as tall :lol:
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