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cross posting from mumbai thread...
not sure about hieght, but will be well above 200m,, and even the 73fl tower could be 300+

Omkar Realtors are constructing a residential complex on the erst. Pathanwadi slums that are adjacent to the WEH in Malad. They've tied up with Red Fort Capital to invest in the project.

Callison architects have designed the complex.

The podium will have 8 floors while the towers seem to have 65, 57 and 50 floors.



-note the elevated jogging track that'll go around the complex

Sky lounge:

Ramp leading to the parking podium:

Location (view on google maps):

-the first phase (residential) of development will take place towards the back/east side.

November 2 - Copyright MPE

-L&T has been contracted to construct the complex.

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Located beside Mumbai's National Park, a dense 104 square km forest of lush green, surrounded by Mumbai's dense northern suburbs, Alta Monte will have great views and cleaner air. Yet it's near the busy artery, Western Express Highway.
Its location from the developer's website:


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height update of the Alta Monte towers' final height as of April 29th:

Alta monte brochure says floor height of Tower A and C is 3.3m and for Tower D (tallest) it is 3.75m.

Tower A is the shortest of all...
It has 7 podium floors (common) = 7*3.3 = 23m
Triple height amenity level (common) = 3*3.3 = 10m
45 habitable floors = 45*3.3 = 148.5
Add another 10m for crown/terrace detailing... In total it becomes 192m.
So, we can safely assume that the shortest tower is at-least 180m tall.

For tower D it is:
Common podium and amenity level = 33m
64 habitable floors = 240m
Crown is nearly 5 floors tall = 19m
So, we can assume the tallest tower is at-least 270m tall.
Rehab tower core at 23rd floor

23 floors at core level.
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