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MUMBAI | Orchid Turf View | 50 fl | Canceled

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Orchid Turf View -- Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

DB Reality has become one of Mumbai's most prolific developers and are behind several of the Mumbai's tallest building proposals. Orchid Turf View is one of these.

Located right next to the famous Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Orchid Turf View will join several other 50+ story towers planned for former mill and chawl land nearby Mahalaxmi, several from DB Realty itself, and will soon be a part of the new skyline stretching from Mumbai Central to Bandra.

^ Location

The location of the building will command both visibility and will offer some great views of the Indian Ocean and the racecourse itself.

^ The building will offer some impressive views of Mumbai and the Mahalaxmi Racecourse

Especially in comparison many of the other capital projects coming up in Mumbai, Orchid Turf View isn't of radical design, but its clean lines and simple shape will make it an attractive, if not eye catching, addition to the skyline. Of note is the swimming pools on every balcony.

DB Realty's website features a movie walkthrough of the project which showcases its interior and a couple outside views. Some screencaps:

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I spoke to a sales rep from DB realty a couple of hours ago. She said the project will be launched in next 2-3 months.

meanwhile, here's another photo of the site:

February 3
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This is completely rehashed!!! Its now a super tall! :)

MAHALAXMI | Orchid Turf View | 70 fl x 2 | Site Prep
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