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Raheja Legend -- Worli, Mumbai

The 40-story residential Raheja Legend is one of the first modern skyscrapers to come up since the Indian economic boom. Not to be confused with the similarly sized and named "The Legend" at Walkeshwar, Raheja Legend is a developed by K Raheja Universal and designed by P&T Group of Singapore, and is one of Raheja Builders's first major skyscraper projects in the city.

Like most of Raheja Universal's buildings the design has been changed repeatedly through the last couple years to a far more glassy and classy design, reflecting Indian economic growth and the increasing expectations of the Indian consumer.

It's first design was a very ho-hum concrete tower, painted with what would have been an atrocious shade of blue:

In Feb, 2007, a new design was suddenly being promoted all over Mumbai. Raheja Universal seemed not to even acknowledge the older design, as seen in this photo by nervi1 @ flickr:

^ The first time the new rendering of Raheja Legend is revealed above the Worli placename, on a hoarding in South Mumbai

This new design was a far better, but still not eye-catching, semi-glass cladded design. The height was also scaled upwards some. The newer design reflected the trend towards art deco-throwback architecture in Mumbai, popularized by its neighbor RNA Mirage.

^ The second design at night

The latest (and final) design came late last year. According to the architects, this new iteration of Raheja Legend is "inspired by the billowing wind-filled sails of boats along the Bombay coastline." The building is one of the forebearers of what I unscientifically term the 'swooshy' trend in many new buildings in Mumbai, with its glass cladding and crown. The design has won Raheja the Best Developer - Residential Award (Future) design at Cityscape India 2007 last december:

^ The finalized design

It is worth noting that the design was finalized after construction had actually started. Hence the podium of the tower is similar in structure to the second design.

Raheja Legend is one of the first groundbreaking skyscrapers to come up at Worli, paving the way for increasingly taller buildings that have culminated in the numerous supertalls proposed in the area today. It is located next to RNA Mirage, also u/c:

^ The next door RNA Mirage

The location and design of both towers will ensure commanding views and a greater funkiness to the growing Worli skyline.

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Some u/c pics...

From Jan, 2007; by rarz @ flickr:

^ Raheja Legend in foreground left and RNA Mirage in background left

From Apr, 2007; by mailophobia @ webshots:

^ Sheth Beaumonde on left, Raheja Legend second-to-rightmost u/c, RNA Mirage rightmost u/c

From May, 2007; by Mahesh Tibekar:

^ Raheja Legend at left, RNA Mirage at right

From Jun, 2007; by Humayunn N A Peerzaada @ flickr:

^ Raheja Legend at left, RNA Mirage at right

From Jun, 2007; from Mahesh Abitkar:

^ Sheth Beaumonde on left, Raheja Legend second-to-rightmost u/c, RNA Mirage rightmost u/c

^ Raheja Legend at left, RNA Mirage at right

From Feb, 2008; by xrimpy @ flickr:

^ Raheja Legend

From April, 2008:

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love this pic...

looks like Mumbai is really booming....:)
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We have a much better rendering now :)

Updated the 1st post accordingly
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Whenever I see u/c photos of Indian skyscrapers I can't help but wonder what kind of concrete they are using. If you look at those photos it seems as if the structures have stopped construction 20, 30 years ago and the concrete has been subject to the forces of nature since then. It certainly doesn't look like new concrete.

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Raptor, its an HDR photo with considerable color manipulation towards the reddish end of the scale. Its a characteristic of all the photos taken by Humayunn, it seems
going Dubai-style'
going Dubai-style'
Nah. Not quite. we'll wait till Burj Mumbai is announced. :)
UPDATE as on the 27th of March, '09

photos copyright: KB335ci2

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POsted by IndiansUnite in the Mumbai forum

May 17

(C) Andrea Magrini - Elisa Eddie Amedeo
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Courtesy IU

July 1
Copyright Ashish

July 4
Copyright Zarir

July 5
Copyright Shweta

Jul 5
Copyright Renjumat
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