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MUMBAI | RNA 360 | 30 fl | Canceled

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RNA 360-- Worli, Mumbai

So why does a measly 30 story building warrant its own thread? Because RNA Builder's proposed RNA 360 may be one of the coolest little towers coming up in Mumbai!

^ RNA 360, in all its pre-rendered glory

About two months ago, a very unique-looking tower appeared on Mumbai Property Exchange. No information was given on builder, location or architect. This was posted in the Mumbai Project Update thread. The rendering showed what appears to be a natural extension to the organic "plant stalk" design trend in new Mumbai buildings (probably most visibly exemplified by Indiabulls's Jupiter Mills Tower in nearby Parel.)

^ Big-brother Stalky, Jupiter Mills Tower

After RNA Builders updated their website, it was revealed that they were the builders behind the project, and that it was (apty) called RNA 360.

The 30 story tower, similar in idea to Calatrava's canceled 80 South Street proposal for New York city, features curved balconies jutting out on every other floor from the central core of the building. The tower's location will not only make it super-visible from the street, but will offer its tenants some fantastic views of Mumbai and the growing Worli neighborhood skyline.

^ Distant cousin, 80 South Street proposal, NYC

Right now, not a whole lot is revealed about the project, and the released design is obviously a pre-rendering giving a basic idea of how the building will look. When more information comes out, I'll keep you updated. Watch this space!

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