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MUMBAI | Sheth Beaumonde | 35 fl x 3 | Com

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Sheth Beaumonde -- Prabhadevi, Mumbai​

^ Original design

^ Finalized design of towers

Sheth Developers's 35-story, three tower Beaumonde project is one of the first glass-clad, modern buildings to come up in Mumbai, and as such is one of the furthest along in construction. It was designed by P&T Architects and Site Concepts International.

It's location not far from the coast at Worli, and its advanced stage of construction make it one of the most visible projects in Mumbai. It will offer panoramic views of the Mumbai skyline from viewing decks:

The project also will add a significant amount of greenery to an area lacking much of it, with a large landscaped gardens and a large environmental deck. The project also incorporates a large clubhouse and pool.

The project is in its advanced stage of construction, with all three towers topped out.

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Some u/c pics...

From Jan, 2007; by Sanyukta.k @ flickr:

^ Sheth Beaumonde towers 1 and 2 rising!

From Mar, 2007; by exploreyd @ webshots:

Supersized Version of this Photo

From Apr, 2007; by mailophobia @ webshots:

^ Sheth Beaumonde on left, RNA Mirage second-to-rightmost u/c, Raheja Legend rightmost u/c

From May, 2007; by Mahesh Tibekar:

From Jun, 2007; from Mahesh Abitkar:

^ Sheth Beaumonde on left, Raheja Legend second-to-rightmost u/c, RNA Mirage rightmost u/c

From Aug, 2007; from BRajeshwar:

From Aug, 2007 by Humayunn N A Peerzaada @ flickr:

From Sep, 2007 by Humayunn N A Peerzaada @ flickr:

From Feb, 2008; by Atulya @ flickr:

^ Beaumonde on left

From Feb, 2008; by forumer Ubermensch:

From Mar, 2008; by Humayunn N A Peerzaada @ flickr:

From May, 2008; by Anne Gaëlle Rico:

Does anybody know what is the height of these towers?
No official heights are (yet) given. Estimates would put them at around ~125m roof heights.
they are very good additions to the Mumbaian skyline. Looks good
Some more updates, from SSC India forumers:

June 20
Copyright Laura Dameeks
The plot as seen from Google Earth:
And a very recent update:
Update as on 29th August 08 during my trip to Mumbai.

Nice additions to the growing skyline of Mumbai.

Grt work Jai.
Does anybody know what is the height of these towers?
125 metres, 443 feet
Copyright Humayunn N A Peerzaada
Wow, it looks very impressive! Best photo I have seen of this project.
Looks nice and huge in last pics...
Please change title to Completed and move it to the archives :)
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