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Getting up at four in the morning is fun, especially, if it is followed by 210 minutes of Austrian and German Autobahn.
Vienna - St.Pölten - Linz - Salzburg - border - Munich

Munich U-Bahn:

Sendlinger Straße:

The Rathaus:

Frauenkirche (more later):


Towards Karlsplatz (feels funny for a Viennese...)

Yeah, bring on the tourists. And their obsolete Deutschmarks, too. ;)


Remember this from the UPC?

The patriotic Bavarian trams:

Looking up...

...looking down:
(Allianz Arena visible)

You can see (or at least try to see) both gorgeous football temples of Munich:

Crowded pedestrian area:

A perfect German
...from Austria.

The English Garden:

These guys were awesome... terrific skills!

It was a very hot saturday...

Beers in the zillions around the Chinese Tower.:cheers:
Loads of football fans, too. They were all over the city that day. Bayern beat Mainz 5:2 and the poor Mainzers had to say goodbye to 1.Bundesliga. However, the general atmosphere was very peaceful, very relaxed.

Love these trams (I love any tram, quite frankly.:nuts: )

The Isartor, home to the Valentin-Karlstedt-Museum. (Too hard to explain...:lol: )Try this.
Simply wonderful.

The S-Bahn, my favorite type of German PT:

Haidhausen district:

Now who's that again?

Back in the very center:

Bavaria, I love you(r beer):

Great shop,got two lovely shirts there:

A last view through the gates and off I go. I arrived in Vienna before midnight.

Thanks for watching and good night! :)

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Nice shots thx.

I like this one with the pigeon:

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