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Seems like this is called the Conservatory. Accelerate's latest (September year end) financials speak about this development:

Phase 1 GLA: 17 375sqm of which 96% secured, blue chip tenant with a 15 year lease

It's quite hard to piece together the info as it's in different parts of the document but seems the above is marked as "advanced" in it's development stage.

Then another component called "Foreshore Residential/Hotel - 20 story residential/hotel" is marked as at "initiation" stage.

Their March annual report has this development in 3 phases:
Phase 1 - Commercial development (25 metres/7 floors , 17 375sqm)
Phase 2 - Additional commercial development (8 floors, 13 500sqm)
Phase 3 - Residential & hotel development (20 floors, 35 000sqm)

It states that phase 1 is commencing January 2019 and phases 2 and 3 expected completion 2022.

Quite confusing because the March report has a different render with a separate residential tower and hotel component visible in the renders so I'm not sure how this has been consolidated into the new design and how the GLA could be anything close to the addition of the old phases 1-3 combined (considering that's around 65 000sqm).
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