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Museums of Greater China

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1000 New Museums Are Expected To Be Built In China Over The Next Ten Years

Research and Markets has announced the addition of New Museums in China: Market Intelligence Report to their offering. New Museums in China is a specially commissioned report into future and planned museum projects in China. China is the world's fastest growing market for museums. The Chinese Government plans to build over 1,000 brand-new museums over the next ten years.

Many projects have construction budgets in excess of USD $100 million. And exhibition budgets in the tens of millions. The financial rewards of the China market are potentially huge!

At least 32 major new museums are planned for Beijing alone in the lead-up to the Olympic Games in 2008. While Shanghai aims to open 150 new museums in time for the World Expo in 2010.

"New Museums in China" is an invaluable guide for companies interested in exploring this huge market.

It provides listings of over 1500 existing museums and in-depth information on over 170 planned new museum projects worth over $4.8 billion USD. All this information is guaranteed to be unobtainable elsewhere: it is based on extensive primary research within China itself.

"New Museums in China" is designed to provide you with the comprehensive advice, support and information you need to successfully enter and succeed in today's biggest museum market.

"New Museums in China" will enable you to:
-- gain an in-depth understanding of this developing market
-- develop actionable business strategies for success
-- gain extensive market intelligence
-- directly approach literally hundreds of new projects
-- pinpoint the right kind of projects for your company
-- understand Government policies on foreign service providers
-- deal with aggressive project schedules
-- succeed in competitive selection procedures
-- better understand competitive selection criteria
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Can I ask you to upload museums in china that have been built, are still under construction or in visionary, please?
Recently, i read Chinese news that the WIND POWER MUSEUM that is built in Shanghai has just been fully finished. Maybe Someone can help to upload the photos. Thank u
I wonder if there is fish in that pool ... coz, that would be cool ...
didu said:
I wonder if there is fish in that pool ... coz, that would be cool ...
I certainly hope not... that would make the pool dirty and increase maintenance cost... :(
^^ but fish are cool!!! they give you this tranquility! they should also put lots of water plants in the pool so the fish can hide ... I don't think the maintainese
cost is a problem -- if they can build such a huge musem, they sure have the
money to feed and clean a few fish.
I don't believe there are any fish in the pool, but it has been awhile since I've been there so I can't remember clearly.
Actually, on second thought, they better not put any fish in the pool, otherwise all those little fucking brats would be drowning themselves trying to catch the fish ...
That museum looks magnificent. Can u take a shot inside the building, please? Thanks.
Not for a couple months. I'm in the U.S. right now, but I hope to be back in Tianjin sometime this summer.
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