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.............................Brand NEW photos taken this night......NIAGARA FALLS/TORONTO Lookout......

I just got back from taking the photos you will see later in the post

Some of you probably remember the thread I posted earlier, entitled "Breathing Toronto Urban Lookout'

In it were these this photo, and map.

I said that this photo was taken from one of the highest points in Niagara, on a hill on top of the Niagara Escarpment. It was taken at a place called lookout point, in Fonthill, ON. I also said you could see Niagara Falls from this same place.

Now I didn't take the picture above myself, just found it on that net.

I FINALLY, was able to go to lookout point myself, and being the AMAZING, EXPERIENCED photographer, get some photos for you all to see of Toronto, the entire golden horseshoe, and Niagara Falls/St. Catharines.

This was an exceptionaly clear nite, it was very rare to be able to see the cities this well.

Now these photos are not clear or anything, I am just an amateur at photography, my camara is just an average 400$ one, and I don't really know how to use it,
BUT, these photos should give you an idea of what it's like up there, it really is quite amazing, especially at nite. There was a few more views than I couldn't get photos of, like St. Catharines, because two security guards working at the golf course came out in flashlights after I stopped the car to get some pictures....

We will start with a pano of the GOLDEN HORSESHOE.
Now, I shrinked this picture, so it would be clear, and wouldn't take forever to upload, BUT it is actually better small, because THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SEE with your eyes, when standing there. You can make out Toronto, but no actual buildings. Toronto is torwards the right on this pic. very small.

Now, here are some TORONTO only pictures.

Now this one is slightly more than what you would see with your eyes, and is also shrunk. When I took this photo, I could NOT see the CN tower or skydome at all. just a few lights, that shaped out a distant skyline. You can't really notice, but anything in the bottom of this picture is actualy 'Penisula Lakes Golf Course'

Here is what the camera picked up at regular size, you can certainly make out the CN Tower and skydome, which you would have no idea where there just by looking at the skyline from the human eye.

From 68km!!!, i think that is pretty good. Its only blurry because of a crappy camera

Now for Niagara Falls,
Let me tell, you it was so clear when I took these photos, I could see the movie being played on a screen at the drive-in theatre way in the distance torwards Niagara Falls.
Extremely Clear.
This is what you see, Niagara Falls from about 15 miles away. These photos are from very high up, and as a result you can see all of Fonthill and where it leads into Niagara Falls (where the drive-in theatre was)
In the photos, the SKYLON Tower on the far left, the Hilton, Fallsview Casino, Minolta Tower, Sheraton, Embassy and a bunch of other huge high rise buildings. You could also see the mist of the falls, but they don't turn out in the photos.

this last pic may become an 'x', right click and show picture if it does

Look for some more pics like these but during the day, later this month....

Thanx for viewing, the photos are really nothing compared to actually see all this in person, if anyone ever happens to be in Fonthill, Ontario on a really clear day or night, make sure you check this place out.

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Oh, I also wanted to know if anyone would know how I can get better results with my camera at night, so it's not all motion blurred like on these ones above. I used a tripod and my camera is an HP Photosmart R707 with 5.1 MP and 3x zoom
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