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Mwanza|Mwanza International Airport|U/C

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To handle 2 million annual passengers.

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Construction of Cargo Terminal in progress

Extension of Runway by 500m long and 45m wide in progress

Construction of Air Traffic Control Tower in progress
Soon there will be direct flights to Oliver Tambo Int. Airport & Dubai (FlyDubai) once the new terminal is complete.
Yeah, Visit RwandaAir for nonstop flights from Mwanza.
Also Coastal aviation is no more flying to Jommo Kenyatta, They are currently using Kigali for connecting flights to Oliver Tambo Int. Airport-J'burg:cheers:
It looks its the final design to one I posted earlier (which seems was a concept design).
According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs budget speech, Fly Dubai will later start flying to Mwanza and Mbeya.

This is an airport in Ireland built by BAM (same contractor for JNIA and KIA). It looks almost identical to the proposed Mwanza Airport.

How come control tower is short? Is it on a hill or something?
Construction to complete April 2020

Mwanza Airport (2)
by tanzan2010, on Flickr
My comments:

1. Design is not progressive, leaves much to be desired
2. Instead of improving previous concept designs they have totally gone backwards
3. Design suited for a upcountry town bus terminal or railway station and NOT for a City
4. There is highway/road between the terminal building and aircraft ramp!!! I don't get it!
5. No single air bridge!...the previous design had 5 air bridges
6. International lounge capacity is only 150 max at a time...ANY 1 wide body aircraft lands will be a logistic disaster
7. What happened to earlier design?
8. Has standards dropped since TAA became under TANROADS?
9. It has high time Tanzania establish a stakeholders board/forum that people can object such unsustainable out of date designs
That is why 767F aftermarket is so lucrative. Prioritize cargo over fuel.
Inategemea pia freighter market una lenga. 767F ndo best continental midsized freighter with most efficient payload configuration.
Tofauti ya 767 na 777 ni ukubwa. Kama ni brand new itakua 767-300F ambayo ili be developed wakati huo huo na 777F. Wazo lako litakua sahihi kama unazungumzia passenger plane. Kwanza economics za passenger service na cargo ni tofauti na ndio maana freighter nyingi ni conversion kutoka passenger to frieighter. Pia kampuni za mizigo kama FEDEX wanatumia 767F zaidi kuliko 777F na hata kwenye order sheet bado 767F ni nyingi kuliko 777F. Na ni hivyo hivyo kwa UPS, DHL nk. Kingine ni bei 777 iko juu sana.
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