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Mwanza|Mwanza International Airport|U/C

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To handle 2 million annual passengers.

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Sijui ni macho yangu lakini ujenzi unaoendelea unaonekana kua mkubwa sana kua just Control Tower. Au labda due to angles that the photos are taken from.
Overland visited the airport in mwanza and managed to see the construction of the control tower which is the only thing under construction at the moment, here below are the photos he managed to take.

Overland visited the airport in mwanza and managed to see the construction of the control tower which is the only thing under construction at the moment, here below are the photos he managed to take.


i didn't manage to find the render of this project even though will keep trying, the good thing is U/C

Perhaps you have never thought of but let me tell you today

This Airport will save as a hub for Greatlakes Zone, as i said earlier Serengeti Western entrance gate is just one hour or less drive. Therefore will expect to see many flights landing at this airport as i guess it might be the next option after Jommo Kenyatta Int Airport.
As you can see Alshabab troubles in Kenya are some of the shortcomings to use Jommo Kenyata Int Airport. Mwanza Airport will be there to take cover.

Kilimanjaro Int Airport might be at risk-(Take it or burn it its my thinking anyway). The reason why many flights can't land at KIA is because of the mountain on either sides. Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru causes troubles especially when it comes there is a delay and wait on air. This is not new, it is known by the management and that is reason Why Kilimanjaro Int airport is not operating at full capacity/just think yourself what was the next option when Jommo Kenyatta caught fire last time? KIA okay...... how many planes landed at KIA? Why Just one?????

Mwanza being above the sea level than Dar Es Saam or Coast in General is another natural merit have got, it takes few minutes for the plane to reach 35,000+ft above the Sea level and applies the same during landing/descending. At this stage again on advantage side.

Its for these reasons you see Mwanza is coming nicely but silent!:cheers:

I am all for the development of regional airports rather than investing in huge international airports. As a country TZ is large and the distribution of urban areas is spread out which creates big potential for air travel. We do not have the capital to make ATC into a big international carrier therefore we should focus on the home market. If we have proper airports in our urban areas we can not only transport people but also perishable goods. we need to get to a place where areas of the country specialise; where fresh veggies from Iringa are transported by air for consumption in Mwanza, Dodoma....., fresh flowers from Arusha will be transported to Znz, Mwanza etc. That is how the Govt should stimulate economic growth.

My view is that KIA should be a cargo hub, let Arusha airport be developed for passengers. Mwanza airport will not compete with KIA just as Znz airport will not compete with JINA or Bukoba compete with Mwanza. What will happen will be increased flights and investment in the air transport sector. Well it will definitely reduce people having to go through our neighbours to get to TZ.

All this is good for TZ as a whole. Go for it Mwanza
Design is always about form and function, for now we need more of function than form. Looking at the development rate that the country has and is undergoing and the future outlook, the Dar airport is a temporary one; in the next 10yrs we will have no choice but build a new greenfield airport in a new location (there is no expansion room at the current one). So for now lets be happy with function as form has a price tag as well. The money is better invested in upgrading our smaller airport to make, as stated earlier "usafiri wa anga uwe kitu cha kawaida na sio ya matajiri wachache"
Wish the Dar one had a unique or fancier exterior like this one..
Sort of confirms it there is a plan for a new location. From satellite photo to be able to expand further the railway line will have to be moved and anyway the city has overtaken the airport. Nchi yetu haina population density ya kulazimu airport kua mjini hivi. In future we will have enough money and traffic to justify a greenfield airport. I predict solid plans within the next 10yrs or before the next president ends his/her second term.
Ndugu Kijian,

I humbly beg to differ with your notion that there isn't any room for expansion at JNIA. I believe these slides from the Tanzania Airports Authority [TAA] are self explanatory.

I thought the current runway capacity was 30 aircraft per hour. Glad to note that this has been increased to 55.

Kitunda appears to have an open space near the airport's vicinity. Perhaps, it could prove useful in the future. [Image credit: Google Maps]

Possible runway expansion options.

TAA has already commenced planning for a new airport at Bagamoyo with an aerodrome reference code of 4F! :| According to ICAO, this implies the aircraft's wing span will be "65m up to but not including 80m".
Tofauti ya 767 na 777 ni ukubwa. Kama ni brand new itakua 767-300F ambayo ili be developed wakati huo huo na 777F. Wazo lako litakua sahihi kama unazungumzia passenger plane. Kwanza economics za passenger service na cargo ni tofauti na ndio maana freighter nyingi ni conversion kutoka passenger to frieighter. Pia kampuni za mizigo kama FEDEX wanatumia 767F zaidi kuliko 777F na hata kwenye order sheet bado 767F ni nyingi kuliko 777F. Na ni hivyo hivyo kwa UPS, DHL nk. Kingine ni bei 777 iko juu sana.
767 ni ndege ya kizamani na sio fuel efficient,ni bora kujikunja utafute 777F
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