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This terminal is just bonkers... first, it is being built on the other side of the apron (unless they are planning to expand the apron to follow the building), the layout inside looks like a hangar instead of a terminal, floor space is small, no separation of arrivals and departures, no clear sign of jet bridges (essential for an airport of that size in this era) etc.

I am very skeptical if this terminal was even designed by an experienced architect..

Then now I hear it was commissioned by TAMISEMI, seriously?
I have the same mindset through 90% of government projects. Someone is enriching themselves, they always turnout to be poorly executed, designed and installed.

The zanzibari air port took 10 years to finish
Mzizima is still U/C after 10 years
SGR phase one is 3 years late (was supposed to be completed by 2019)
BRT phases 3-4-5 are late, BRT phases 1-2 are poorly executed, we are still under our full capacity 5 years later with poorly designed stations and lanes.
Dodoma is under construction after 40+ years, the government buildings are just now being installed and the workers being forced to move.
LNG gas plant is 10 years behind schedule
Taxes are still too high, we've had the same budget for 7 years now with no hope of it ever increases despite "7%" growth.

I love my country but at this point the only surprising thing is a well thought out on time project. One instance would be the new terminal and the bridges we've built. But nearly everything else is awash.
261 - 262 of 262 Posts
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