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Come with me on a trip i took in february around Andalucía.

The journey started in Alicante, where i catched an airplane to Sevilla in Andalusia.

The Province of Andalusia lies in the south of spain.
It is part of the Iberian Peninsula and ends up in the South with the Rock of Gibraltar,which borders to the Street of Gibraltar

From Seville i travelled to Gibraltar by Bus, then i went to Málaga, Granada, Córdoba
and back to Sevilla
in just one week.It was an amazing experience,moreover i was on my own.

There is a lot of arabic-moorish influence in the architecture of Andalucía

like the Alcazár in Seville and the Alhambra of Granada.

So ,now enjoy my pics of the beautiful land- and cityscape i discovered and the gentle people i met!

Here is the fitting soundtrack for the trip ;)

Waiting in Alicante for the airport-shuttle

I arrived in Seville at midnight and got up early to use the time of the day,

because the following day i went with the bus to Gibraltar

Sunrise in Sevilla

The Cathedral Saint Mary of the See in the first sun rays[/U][/B]

the cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral in the world, measured by length of the chorus and the third largest church!

It was built in the earliest 16th century. Christopher Columbus,discoverer of America was buried under it's feet.

The tower is called "la Giralda" (twisted tower)and 105 metres tall,
built as a minaret-tower for the islamic mosque, it was built in the 11th century and 2 times changed.First by the Christians and later into Rennaissance style at the upper part.


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Beautiful ANDALUCIA!!! Land of my ancestors :)
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