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My Berlin Weekend Trip

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Distance 550km one way (342 miles)

Time 3,5h

Avarage speed on Autobahn about 180km/h (112mph)

Top speed 210km/h (130,5mph)

1 night

Hotel Radisson SAS (*****)

I crashed my Canon in at the first stop in Potsdam , so we had to stop at the next shop to buy a new cam. Until that a few pics were taken with my cellphone, that explains the shitty quality sometimes.




Our Hotel

It has a giant fishtank in the lobby with an elevator going truh it

Hotel seen from the Tv tower

Our room

Maybach in the underground garage

Random Berlin pics

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I love that lift in the hotel!

Great pics anyway :)
Wonderful. Great pics. Berlin looks so cool. I cant believe I have still not been there. I gatte go someday. And when I do, I am totaly stayng at that hotel... Wow. Who new a Radison could look this great. I had actually seen theis hotel on CNN, but I would have never guessed that it was a Radison... Great job...
Beautiful, it would have been nice if I owned a digital camera then when I visited Berlin!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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