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My first Detroit PhotoTour (September 2002)

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In September 2002, I made my first journey to downtown Detroit and the city, in fact, and actually visiting, not passing by on the Ambassador Bridge or I-94 or I-75. It didn't look as bad as I thought, amazingly, but it seemed quiet then, because nothing was going on, however, things have changed since then, and it is getting better. Those photos were taken with a disposable, so, they are slightly out of date. These photos were a LONG time coming. I ignored most of the run down places, and gathered some of the city's beauty and history.

The Opera House, I saw Bill Cosby there last year

I was caught on by that mural on the Broderick Tower

Comerica Park

Ford Field

Little Gem Theatre

Beautiful Garden in the Gem Theatre

Fox Theatre, seen Jerry Seinfeld here, beautiful theatre as is the Opera House

Hockeytown Cafe

Looking @ I-75

Looking south on Woodward Ave.

Beautiful Fountain, Grand Circus Park

Looking up at the Penobscot Building...


Looking across to Windsor, Ontario...

Looking at the sun and the Ambassador Bridge

Joe Louis Arena

RenCen, with Detroit's very nice waterfront path, be even nicer when its complete from Belle Isle to the Ambassador Bridge.

Beautiful shot of Detroit's CBD with Hart Plaza, IMO

Looking @ the tunnel.

Here's some pics of Windsor just for the heck of it...

Hope you enjoyed my first phototour of Detroit, have a couple more coming very soon!
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Jaybird, thanks for the pics of Detroit. Your disposable camera did just fine :cheers1:

Cheers!! :hi:
^ thanks and you're welcome Gladys8it, at least it's good to know my disposable can be reliable sometimes, although sometimes it's frustrating working with it, but I have a digital, so expect some Detroit pics with my digital soon! :)

I tried to take most of Detroit's good sides, history, and beauty. Believe me, underneath the abandonment and decay, there's beauty and history to be found in Detroit, just a matter of knowing where it is, and hopefully if the weather is nice.
Hi Jaybird,

Detroit does have a beauty all it's own. I'm glad that your able to show us shots of Detroit that we normaly do not see. :applause:

Cheers!! :hi:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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