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Shenyang . Chinese Manchuria --- Refreshed

Shenyang is the biggest center city in northeastern China,and also the capital of Liaoning province,
with the most impostant heavy industrial base in china.
It has within its jurisdiction 9 districts,3 ounties,1 city and 5 development zones.
and here live more than 40 nationalities such as the Han nation,the Manchu,the Hui nation,
the Mongolian,the Korean chinese and So on.
Its total population is 7,369,000 among which urban population is 4,884,000.
It covers an area of 13,000 km 2 .
and it's my hometown ^_^

Shenyang Palace:

Zhong Street:

Shenyang Zaolin(Zao mausoleum)

Shenyang Donglin(Dong mausoleum)

Shenyang Fulin(Fu mausoleum)

Heping Distdirct:

Shenhe District:

Hunnan Distdirct:

Tiexi Disdrict:


A orthodox church:

A koreatown

669 Posts
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metallinestorm said:
nice pic. Chenyang's building have a strongly northeast Aisa style
yup, frankly the buildings seem like somewhat rougher compared with the cities in southeastern china, especailly the small cities. to our chinese, this is common sense ^_^
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