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My iPhone photos from Las Vegas

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Since we got a new forum id like to share some photos i took in December 2007.


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Shazam.... quality of the photos aint superb but thanks for sharing them.
I didn't get the chance to take some shots when i was there in January cause my camera is broken and i'm looking to buy a new one.
How long did you stay in Vegas for, Dan?
nice pics, i wanna go to vegas...once i'm in 21 ;)
Some more..

Nice nightclub
7t, i stayed for 4 days at planet hollywood. Dec 25 - Dec 29.
First of all thanks for pics, did you saw even some hot women there. Vegas looks very nice and there is nice cars as well.
Nice pictures, how was your stay? Btw, I'm assuming you live here in the States as well?
Nice pics Dan :) :cheers:
nice photo...1
Me falni cuna... me fal DanMs.. nuk dua te jem antipatik.. por nuk jame shume dakord me kte thread, eshte shum individualist..nuk e di nese me kuptoni: (po, mund te flasim nese na pelqejne ose jo fotografite.. ) por nuk ka te bej fare me zhvillimet ne zonen shqiptare apo me fakte qe u perkasin shqiptarve neper bote kudo qe jane...
Mos ma merni per terrs po do ishte me mire sikur te benim nje thread te perbashket ku mund te flasim per fotografit e ndryshme qe deshironi te postoni, per udhetime dhe aventura qe doni te tregoni.. ose per hobet tuaja, sport, kurjozitete e tej edhe pse skan lidhje me zhvillime te rendesishme ne zonen shqipfolse.....
Shpresoj qe te me kuptoni.. Pershendetje te gjithve... pershendetje DanMs..!
lol ca eshte kjo tem kshu vari lesht?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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