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My Lebanon pics

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Ok so as you guys may know, I have around 6000 pictures on my computer + more that will come (I am leaving to Beirut in 2 days :)). I will post as many as I have and I would like to see you guys posting yours :)
First I would like to warn you, if you do not want to see beauty in your life anymore, do NOT look at these images. Nothing will look more beautiful then these pictures that will be shown. Consider yourself warned! Second there are pictures taken from the net, myself and from friends/family. Here we go...

Downtown Beirut

More to come!
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^^^^^^Hehe tnxs I'm just getting started :)
some of these pictures i took them myself when i was in beirut

how did they end up in this thread :?
oooooo looks like some stoll a few LOL
skoulikimou it is pictures that were taken from all over the SSC and the net. Some of them are mine and some are from others... and some from my friends. Like I said soon I am going to Beirut :) and I will take 49308349058349058 pictures. Hehe ok maybe not that much but I hope I will catch all the beauty of Beirut and show you guys them. And PLEASE, post your pictures. The more the better
oooowow 49308349058349058 thats alot i cant even say that number LOLOLOLOL
^^^^ lol I was exaggerating Jayme :)
i know Lol i like making jokes of things u know what i mean i want to go to Lebanon so much i have to wait till Novmeber i want to take pics Batourn !!!!
Hehe :) i'm going in 2 days... well actually in one day :) I'll be leaving on monday and I can't wait but... :( it will be hard for me to go on the net. I will be in Ehden and Tannourine. Only way is if I go to Beirut then I would be able to post pictures.
what Airline r u going to Lebanon ?
Emerates ?
No (i'm in Ottawa). I'll be taking Air Canada from Ottawa to Montreal. Then Montreal to Paris i'll be taking Air Canada again. And from Paris to Beirut it will be MEA. Yes I know long and painful way to get Lebanon but what can I do, i'll do anything to get there! :)
why can't u post when u r in ehden or tannourine,i guess there are many net cafes there.
it takes me 15 hourz from melb to dubau n other 3 hours from dubai to Beirut on emerats
i think they are seriously working on opening(montreal-beirut) direct way.
air canada was going to have flights from canada to Lebanon but they didnt
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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