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My lil town - Seen through my eyes & lens

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Here's a little collection of photos representing the little town of Oakwood, Ontario, populated by less than 900 people.

All of the photos were taken with the Olympus E1 + 14-45mm lens.

Oakwood Church. Our most "interesting" building by far.

Mariposa Townhall (Oakwood used to be known as Mariposa, but got it's name changed about 20-30 years ago. Have no idea why...)

Some weird ugly house

Oakwood Community Center.

Oakwood Community Hall.

Statue beside the Community Hall (dedicated to those of Oakwood who died in WWII)


Our skyline! :lol:

Our sky...

One of the first pics taken with my new cam.

We might not have any modern highrises but we do have some sweet ass houses! :drool:

... And cars! :drool:

This pic is dedicated to Mr_Denmark. I know how much he likes pollution ;)

Forgot what this type of plant is called... anyone know?

Some water droplets :)

That's it for now. This is the best my lil town has to offer... it's dispicable!
Oh well.. only 96½ days left ;) (then i'm moving to Copenhagen)

--- Once i get myself the 40-150mm lens (that i've badly wanted to get for the past month, but couldnt get because of lack of money :sleepy: ), then i'll go to more interesting places like Toronto. In about 1 or 2 months, i'll also be going to Chicago and NYC for some days :) I'll defidentally have the lens by then ---

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day folks! :cheers2:
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/\ I feel the same way about your avatar ;) :cheers2:
The plant is a cattail... and I hope you're being sarcastic about that horrid looking "truck"!
Really good pics!!!

I never thought that an antenna could looks so good.
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Tony said:
The plant is a cattail... and I hope you're being sarcastic about that horrid looking "truck"!
That's an awesome looking truck!! Even the colour I don't mind

gooth> Thanks! :D :cheers2:
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