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My London Photos

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I will update this thread with cityscapes and skyline shots of London each week

Before starting I should note that I'm completely new to photography so any advice and feedback would be appreciated! :cheers:


Today - Westminster

Let's start with Trafalgar square and its surroundings

St. Martins

National Gallery

Admiralty Arch

Big Ben seen from the square

St. Martins again

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Hungerford Bridge

London Eye, Westminster bridge and Big Ben

You already know about this one...

"Savage Club"

Hungerford bridge and Enbankment underground station

London's skyline

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Cool, pics. I just got back from London. It was pretty nice.
Nice pictures!
I almost went there this summer but decided that I could just get lost in my own backyard.
Thanks guys :cheers:


North West London - Brent


London's Skyline from Hampstead Heath

Shot this yesterday on Hungerford bridge

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Such nice pictures and lovely city.
Great photos!

So what do the zig zag lines mean?

I think the zig zag lines mean that drivers can't park there (next to the sidewalk of course, not in the middle of the road).
Nice pictures of London! Keep them coming!

^ Will do!

Today - Canary Wharf

Fom Stave Hill

Swiss Re tower from far away

Canary Wharf station

The famous underground sign

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The DLR and Citigroup centre

Behind Canary Wharf station

Spot the plane!

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One Canada Square from different places

Citigroup, HSBC, One Canada and Reuters all together

To be continued...

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Great pics!!!! Congratulations!!!:cheer::cheer::cheer:
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