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my neighborhood in Brussels

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a tour around the place I live, Forest/ Vorst (a commune of Brussels)

Starting at my house from 1897 in Flemish style:

going towards the boulevard Guillaume Van Halen with the typical front gardens, main architecture dates from the 1910-30 (a lot of art deco influences):

Typical for the boulevard is the mix in the trees (green/brown)

One of the only towers in the street, an art deco apartment block:

the cutest church in Brussels:

Another Art Deco tower:

Beautiful Expo 58 architecture details around the park:

The park of Forest/Vorst:

of to the boulevard du parc:

a side street:

Social housing in Dutch brick style:

The houses on Avenue Du Parc are classical Brussels architecture from around the century change:

A typical Frites places just before the big roundabout:

Returning home I still made some random pics of things I like in my neighbourhood:

Like these spooky houses on Avenue du Villa:

or this 50's ornament in front of a building:

A well balanced art deco structure:

This modernistic 40-50's house:

Or the feeling you're in Brazil :)

And we're back in my street:

and we're home

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Reminds me a lot of Ghent.
I'm not a great fan of Brussels but your photos make me want to go and visit this particular area.
I love these types of threads. They seem more personal. You live in a nice neighborhood.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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