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I'm finally posting pics from my April 2004 trip. I was too lazy to resize them all, and I didn't think about using a program to do it so I never bothered posting them. These pics are nothing special and the quality of the pics got eaten down by the program that I used to convert them with. They were 3 megapixels before and now they're much smaller. I hope these pics kinda HELP people who have no idea what Macau looks like. My pics don't even really begin to scratch what Macau has to offer... :runaway: But enjoy.

After I exit my plane... LAX --> TPE --> Macau

The surrounding area on Cologne Island by the airport is all short jagged mountains

Crossing the bridge into Macau from Taipa Island...

The most famous casino in Macau before the Sands opened. I would assume it's still the most popular today even with the Sands though.

Some random 'downtown' shots

Unknown residential that's basically next to the casinos.

Building a residential?

And on a different note, the Hydrofoil to HK. But this is a Macau thread :O

23rd floor of "Ocean Garden: Cherry Tree" -- my dad's apartment. They were building identical carbon copies of the same building over and over and over (which you'll see later). My grandma, who just went back to Macau 2 weeks ago, told me that the construction has been halted because they weren't able to sell those apartments. The area is now paved with roads though because that place is literally a 5 minute walk from the 'newly' opened Sai Van Bridge (3rd bridge)

That's how they do it anywhere in China.

The 'beach' area back in April 04' before Sai Van was completed... Now it's completely different, or so my grandma says.

Sorry for the digizoom noise, I didn't understand the concept of noise from digi-zoom at the time. Oh well, better than nothing.

The building from the window view, at ground level.

Presenting the Ocean Garden complex. :bash:

This road sucked. I nearly tripped here.

Let's go out!
The Ruins of St. Paul, a church that was burnt down except for the facade on the front... if I remember correctly, about 400 years ago.

From the inside looking out...

Looking out from the top

This is, of course, next to a Fortress.

Wanna come here? NAHHH Let's go right.

I have no clue what this is.

Foot-massaging rocks to walk on. It hurts.

400 year-old cannons?

...With 10 year old graffiti? :sleepy:

Barely made it to the fortress ENTRANCE

Statue of Mary

And you eventually arrive at the peak of this fortress.

NO!! Don't blow up the Bank of China Building! :weirdo:

You also see Macau from the 1970's and before: what I like to call "Ghetto Macau"

Good advice though.

Haha, look what I found on the top anyways.

I could've gotten here using the escalators but instead I trekked up the stone walkways with stairs like these:

It was completely worth it though.

Let's go for the streets and markets and random stuff that I found.

A fountain in the middle ocean.


1 of the 2 McDonalds I found

A mural from the McDonalds in New Yaohan...

The biggest cat statue I've ever seen

Lots of seastars resting in a pistachio case. haha.



THE FIRST AND ONLY SQUATTING TOILET I'VE EVER SEEN! I didn't use it though! I don't think squatting toilets are common at all in Macau.

A fountain in front of a casino.

Macau Tower.

Yours truly

My 80 year old Grandpa... amazing man.

Hey... WTF?

Well, it's this: Sky-X Walk. It costs money

A nice girl from HK that I met on this. I didn't know her.

Some other girls.

He got tricked up here by me and the employees of the tower. He's 80. Brave man. :)

Bridge and ocean...



Oh god that took forever. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THIS FOR SPAIN!

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Nice photos. Would like to visit one day!

Peter K
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