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I was in Minsk 3 weeks ago and I have to say it was the most surreal city I've ever been to - the coexistence of soviet-style iconography and contemporary brands and shops is striking, especially in a city that seems to have been planned according to the most orthodox of soviet urabn ideas. The virtual absence of foreign tourists and of english language materials is striking - as well as the use of the Belarusian language on the writings, when everyone just speaks Russian, even the state media. I don't speak either of them but i do understand the cyrillic alphabet and thanks to my extremely basic beginner's Polish I was able to understand a few things.
Anyway, less talk, more images:

First place I saw when I left the station.

Strange to call "independence" to the liberation from the nazis - after all what followed was not sovereignty per se.

I heard we were not supposed to take pictures of the presidential palace, is it true or a fake rumour?

October station.

Hotel Belarus, where we stayed.

View from my bedroom

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Oh, great shots! Yeah, those tourists always say that Minsk is very strange city - a mix of soviet past and present style. Interesting to see visitor's impressions :)

Though, not that funny as Lebedev's trip was xD
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