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My pics from the Historical Peninsula - Istanbul

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Pictures from my recent visit to the historical peninsula of İstanbul. Been to Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet Square etc... Enjoy the pics.. :)

Topkapı Palace

Harem - Topkapı Palace

The great view from the Topkapı Palace

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thanx for this wonderful tour. great photos :eek:kay:
Congrats Istanbullu, they look great.
wonderful Greek style!:)
Greek churches were simply rebuilt to mosques.
There are 24 pictures on this page and there is only one building that is converted, namely the Hagia Sophia the rest is original Ottoman. I don't expect you to know this but if you don't have any knowledge then it's better if you don't say anything..
well afterwards you post smilies without any meaning since you don't have any argument ;) As I said before don't say anything if you don't own any knowledge my friend :) :hug:
holy Sofia - first of all
I mentioned that already, you don't have to repeat my post!! Show more in these pictures or even generally!
Aya Sofya wasn't Greek btw :):)

It was a Byzantine church, and if I'm correct the ruler who ordered it to be built was Roman :)

So...Basicly, I think you should STFU :)
Turkish nationalists - all it is clear
why don't just give an answer instread of calling us nationalists? Btw we are patriotist and not nationalists! Come on answer our question and name one building expect Aya Soyfa which I already named!
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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