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My pictures of Perth

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Here are some of the pictures that I've taken around this beautiful city... :)

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wow great shots mate really love them :)
nice collection there Istanbullu
hope you had great time there ...
brilliant pics! I think someone likes Central Park lol :) almost every picture centred on it. BUt then again, what else can you centre your pics on :p
A great mix of the old, the new & the green.

Love the old Commonwealth Bank Building & the Bell Tower.

The skyline is set to change dramatically over the next few years, with a lot more (mostly beautifully designed) mid-risers adding to the mix.
Thanks all of you for the nice comments on the photos... Perth is a very beautiful city so there are many beautiful places and buildings to take pictures of... :eek:kay:


I've definately enjoyed my stay in Perth and actually still enjoying, I'll be here for 2 years so hopefully will share more pictures here with you... :)


hehehe that's right mate... there is noway to ignore a building like Central Park... :)
Great pics Istanbullu... well done

What are you doing in Perth for two years, studying, working, backpacking?

Anyway, two years gives you ample time to see more of Australia. There's lots to see.
Perth is lookin' good. I love the tallest building
Very nice pics Istanbullu. Perth always comes up a treat in picture format.
Whoah, these are awesome photos. Congratulations Istanbullu. I can't wait to see more from you!
London court looks awesome! ;)
I see, one of my best friends' is a qualified pilot.

You'll probably get to see more of Australia than most of us. I got some awesome perspectives over the deserts, seas and cities with my friend.

All the best, study hard...:)
i have a mate of was doing pilot training at jandakot airport, don't know if he still is or not, just know it was part of his school work.

and bazz123, i see that is your first post welcome. ha ha bullswool beat you.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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