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My Prague pics from last summer

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Here are some of my pictures which I took last summer in Prague.
Almost all of them focus on historic architecture and are from Prague's Old Town , which IMO is one of the most beautiful coherent historic (esp. gothic, baroque and Art Nouveau architecture styles) in Europe, and probably worldwide.
My Pictures were all taken on one day last August , and roughly follow the path that I took that day, going from Venceslas square to the Old Town square, then continuing over Charles Bridge to the Mala Strana (west side of the Vltava/Moldau River) , and then going back along the East Bank of the Vltava and then through the Nove Mesto (New Town) back to Venceslas square. Altogether there're 30 pictures

P.S : All pictures are shot by me, and are taken from my Flickr photostream ([email protected]/ ) .

So lets go...

1. Northwest side of Venceslas Square , seen from the southern end of it:

2. The National Museum ( Národní muzeum), located on the southern end of Venceslas square on the "border" beetween the historic town and the Vinohrady-district:

3. The "Julis"-apartment building, a nice example of the 1920's-modernism (Bauhaus)-style:

4. A postmodernist office building on the northern end of Venceslas Square , with glass that nicely reflects the historic building (Hotel Koruna) on the other side.

5. Beautiful Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) buildings , IMO this style produced some of the most beautiful residential buildings of all times, certainly in Prague it did.

6. A very picturesque, beautiful sight in Prague's Old Town, something that you probably won't find anywhere else : A narrow alley between two baroque houses, overlooked by the gothic steeple of the Tynsky Chram (Tyn Cathedral) :

7. The Old Town Hall ( Staromestska radnice) , located on Old Town Square(Staroměstské náměstí):

8. The Tynsky Chram (Tyne Cathedral), seen from Old Town square, behind some Baroque (or is it Renaissance, anybody knows?) city houses :

9. The Sv. Mikulas (St. Nicholas)-Church in the baroque style, located on the north side of Old Town Square:

10. Some beautiful Baroque/Renaissance buildings on the south side of Old Town Square. Those buildings are very typical for Prague's old town .

11. The Old Town Hall seen from below, notice the sculptures:

12. Old Town Hall and Tynsky Chram, seen from the southeast end of Old Town Square.
You can see the "Orloj"-astronomical clock on the lower facade of the Old Town Hall:

13. Street in the Old Town, between the old town square and Charles Bridge:

14. Another street in Old Town , I believe it's the same street as in 13.:

15. The Eastern Gate of Charles Bridge, in the background on the right side you can see the St. Vitus-Cathedral :

16. The Hradcany-district, which includes the Prague castle (Prazsky Hrad) and the St.-Vitus Cathedral (Katedrala Sv. Vita) , and is largest enclosed Castle-complex worldwide, seen from Charles Bridge:

17. Three statues located on Charles Bridge. I believe those are Bohemian saints (Venceslaus and i don't know the other two, if anybody knows their names then correct me pls ;) ). Gothic statues like those appear on Charles Bridge almost every 10 meters on both sides.

18. A close-up view of St. Vitus-Cathedral, one of the most important Gothic Cathedrals in Central Europe :

19. Wonderful red roofs on 19th-century residential buildings that are located in Prague's "Mala Strana" (small side) , which is located on the western bank of the Vltava/Moldau river , directly west of Old Town.

20. A street in Mala Strana, with baroque buildings , and the St. Nicholas-Church in the background:

21. A beautiful sky over the same street as in 20. , IMO an unbelievably beautiful contrast between the baroque buildings and the sky....

22. Beautiful contrast once again: The Gothic West Gate of Charles Bridge , baroque houses, and the blue-white sky:

23. On Charles Bridge again, this time looking south over the Vltava and the National Theatre (Narodni Divadlo). In the background you can see some of the highrises of the Pankrac-district:

24. The "Petřín" -hill , with the Viewing Tower, which' design is based on the Eiffel Tower, seen from Charles Bridge (p.s: ignore the violet stain pls, it's probably just some bad reflection on the lens ) :

25. Looking southeast on Charles Bridge, on the left you can see the Eastern gate, in the middle another Statue ;) , and on the right the "Kampa"-district, with the Baroque clock tower:

26. The "Kampa"-district, with buildings from the Jugendstil/Secession (or is it a different style?) style:

27. Here another view of Hradcany and the St. Vitus-Cathederal, but this time with Charles Bridge and a large part of the Mala Strana on it, seen from Smetanovo nabrezi, on the Vltava's East Bank, southeast of Charles bridge.

28. This is I think one of my best pictures that I took in my life, but you can asses it yourself: St. Vitus-Cathedral viewed through two tree-trunks :

29. The "Palac Adria" in the New Town (Nove Mesto) , a masterpiece in the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau style from 1925, the architect is Pavel Janak :

30. My last pic, once again Venceslas Square, but this time it's the Southwestern side , seen from the entry to the "Muzeum"-Subway station on the southern end of Venceslas Square:

I hope you liked my pictures. Comments & corrections are welcomed and appreciated by me.
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An anusual and very pitoresque view of the Tyn Church from Ungelt.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.
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I hope you liked my pictures. Comments & corrections are welcomed and appreciated by me.
You have some great collection with great legend here, seems you are interested in architecture, thanks for sharing :). Guessing from other Prague pics on this forum this might be one of the best here.

The Tynsky Chram (Tyne Cathedral), seen from Old Town square, behind some Baroque (or is it Renaissance, anybody knows?) city houses :
Those houses have Romanesque bases and were rebuilt many times during Ages (as most old houses in central Prague), today they have Renaissance look with Baroque facelift.
Prague's baroque and art nouveau architecture is indeed one of the best in Europe. Thanks for "atmospheric" pictures :eek:kay:
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