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My Stockholm photos from the weekend

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Strandvägen on a sunny Saturday morning

A golden retreaver waiting for the bus on Grevgatan. :D

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Nice! I think (and i've been to Stockholm in all four seasons) spring-time is the best time to visit the city. It's nice and light without being too warm and the everything is waking up again. Kinda like Helsinki, really. Thanks for your pics!
I like the style of buildings in Stockholm :eek:kay: Thanks for the shots. Any more? :)
Whikkid shots, i'm going down there on friday
Nice pics! Stockholm isn`t so dull as I thought.
Nice, designwise! :eek:kay:
Strandvägen is probably the most beautiful street in Scandinavia.
DenverDane said:
Strandvägen is probably the most beautiful street in Scandinavia.
I'd say it's the Esplanade in Helsinki. It's amazing.

Glad to hear you like my photos from the weekend. I'll soon post some new Helsinki photos so look out for those ! :eek:kay:
Strandvägen is great. Visited Sthlm two times and both times walked there.
Ringil said:
Sthlm must be the most beautiful city up north :cheers:
Yeah well the best in Scandinavia but the best up north is St. Petersburg. In terms of architecture that is. What I noticed once again was how much cleaner Helsinki is than Stockholm.
Thanks, designwise! :)

These are lovely. :eek:kay: And of course I hope that Golden Retriever caught his bus! :laugh:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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